Rahul Gandhi Twitter debate

Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account was the subject of an intense debate between Congress social media head Divya Spandana and BJP information & technology head Amit Malviya.

08/04/2018 2:01 PM
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  • Daniel S.
    21/04/2018 01:20

    Though RG is a joke, Malvia need to grow up. Making fun is not victory, cultivate healthy criticism is the maturity of good house debates!!

  • Deepika S.
    12/04/2018 05:03

    Let him grow be a 10th pass later he can "dream" and get inspired about being a PM like Modi Ji

  • Amit G.
    11/04/2018 07:48

    Aditya JainShashwat SainiAnirudh SharmaDeepanshu Sharma

  • Pankaj K.
    10/04/2018 18:16

    What we are discussing about.... Tweeter account.....Hahahaha It may be the most important debate in india ..

  • Kiran G.
    09/04/2018 06:06

    Politicians: Oh hey all the poverty and other subjects that matter aside let's debate on a thing which don't have anything to do with developement whatsoever.

  • Shashank S.
    08/04/2018 14:44

    He who speaks loudly is the same person who announced election date before Election Commission. He might be a criminal under Indian law.

  • Deval K.
    08/04/2018 14:06

    We just grow up so 47 years on he just did grow physical, where as mental manner 😂😂😂😂 that is just a joke

  • Vinit T.
    08/04/2018 11:22

    Dangal hogayi bhai XD

  • Suraj K.
    08/04/2018 11:06

    Hats off to that girl who is defending a lost battle alone 👍😐🙏😀

  • Vignesh M.
    07/04/2018 17:45

    Congress needs a potential leader not Rahul

  • Shashi K.
    07/04/2018 14:12

    comments odhu

  • Abhijeet A.
    07/04/2018 11:04

    Modi can’t speak one line in English in proper grammar without a written note but on Twitter his English is perfect. So I guess Congress and BJP both adopt the same strategy

  • Umang S.
    07/04/2018 02:47

    We have no problem if u chose to be 4th wife of a 80 yr old fart ...that’s ur business

  • Bipul S.
    07/04/2018 01:02

    Fuck oofff Rahul lovers

  • Surya D.
    07/04/2018 00:59

    So true he is a person of absolutely no intelligence. People of India deserve only Pappu.

  • Manoj M.
    07/04/2018 00:54

    Well said madam.,, 👏👏👏👏👏 And sir u answer hw u did know the election's​ date before ., The election commission do the announcement.!???

  • Pranauv R.
    06/04/2018 21:43

    idiots everywhere

  • Varun U.
    06/04/2018 21:08

    By saying people evolve and grow up... she silently agreed that to Rahul Gandhi's wits :D

  • Ankita J.
    06/04/2018 21:07

    it's official!

  • Jasvinder S.
    06/04/2018 20:24

    Step by step now u can know how bjp it cell fool us.

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