Rahul Gandhi VS Arun Jaitley on the Rafale deal

The opposition leader and the government finance minister clashed over who was telling the truth and who was lying about the controversial aircraft deal.

01/04/2019 1:36 AMupdated: 06/06/2019 11:37 AM
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  • Anil G.
    01/04/2019 01:37

    Truth will go with facts

  • Srikanth G.
    01/04/2019 01:40

    Brut India trying to* pit the mentally imbalanced Cambridge Analytica plant against learned Mr.Jaitley. No comparison.

  • Jafar K.
    01/04/2019 01:41

    राहुल गांधी जी केतली को इतना जुसा😎 मत दिलाओ इनकी किडनी अभी नई-नई है 😄😄😃🤣😂

  • बाबू र.
    01/04/2019 01:42

    Pappu 😷😷

  • Salman S.
    01/04/2019 01:42

    Normal aircraft price=526 crores Modi aircraft price including GST,modi tax,modi travail cost,chai tax,=1600.. Jaitlee logic😌😌😏

  • Pravin R.
    01/04/2019 01:46


  • Syed Y.
    01/04/2019 01:49

    मोदी पार्लियामेंट से कियों भागा

  • Vineeth D.
    01/04/2019 01:52

    The Accidental Congress President and The Accidental Finance Minister are talking lol

  • অরবিন স.
    01/04/2019 01:54

    Bohot bada ch*tiya hai Rahul. N Gandhi family to maha chor hai.

  • Karthik P.
    01/04/2019 01:56

    There are few fools still there even after supreme court clean chit supporting pappu.

  • Zephyr S.
    01/04/2019 01:57

    But why do some children are shouting there while someone is speaking?

  • Bhupinder S.
    01/04/2019 02:03

    All are same

  • Tanmay T.
    01/04/2019 02:07

    Swanand TaTadlimbekar

  • Hasnat M.
    01/04/2019 02:12

    Filthy parliamentarians are arguing while people are dying for nothing.

  • Amritam T.
    01/04/2019 02:16

    please don't edit the videos like this. If you are showing the responses, show the whole response. Show the whole explanation. Concocting such videos are just a way to give the impression to general public to favour a certain side of the argument.

  • Krishna R.
    01/04/2019 02:22

    Yes obviously Papu was telling lay , he thinks that parliament was primary school or kindergarten for him ,

  • Arnab G.
    01/04/2019 02:22

    Sale pappu ka Dalal brut India...

  • Vikas G.
    01/04/2019 02:23

    The funny part is finance minister answering on Rafael deal whereas defence minister sitting behind..

  • Dulichand H.
    01/04/2019 02:24

    कोंग्रेस भूखे कुत्ते की तरह है बात न बिना बात भोंकना।।।।।।।ओर जनता को भड़काने.....

  • अमित ब.
    01/04/2019 02:25

    जब श्री सुमित्रा जी ने पुछा "क्या आप इस टेप की सच्चाई की ज़िम्मेदरी लेते हैं" तो पप्पु की बोलती बंद हो गई 🤣🤣🤣