Railway Cops Beat Up Journalist In UP

This journalist was beat up and put behind bars by railway cops. His crime? Trying to film a train derailment in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh.

13/06/2019 11:01 AM
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  • Mohd N.
    14/07/2019 03:17

    Media isi ky layak hai

  • Tarun P.
    13/07/2019 18:21


  • दशरथ प.
    13/07/2019 17:38

    खबर महंगी पड़गयी

  • Paramjeet S.
    13/07/2019 09:46

    These media persons are Like Randi Dalals....inke saath thik kiya

  • Witten G.
    13/07/2019 09:39

    Police are to secure people not to scare people. Indian police took too much advantage by wearing that shit uniform. They are mean to protect people not to protest against people.

  • Abujar A.
    13/07/2019 09:00

    teri maki sale mer ilake mehota

  • Sultan B.
    13/07/2019 08:52

    Now why media not boycotting railway police😜 like they boycotted Kangana Ranaut for saying trust on their shit face. This is good Indian media should taste this karma kick Thier balls. They have power to show only to women bloody coward

  • Abdul R.
    12/07/2019 19:52

    Mare desh mahan

  • Wormung Z.
    12/07/2019 19:51

    Kill all the rubbish doesn't matter is he a police man..

  • Javed S.
    12/07/2019 19:47

    Marne ka adhikar salo ko diya kisne

  • Nikunj S.
    12/07/2019 11:03

    Desh surakshit hatho me hey...

  • Abu S.
    12/07/2019 09:21

    Digital India

  • Navajyoti S.
    12/07/2019 09:13

    Suspend why Sare Zindagi usko Naukri na mile

  • Yonzone Y.
    12/07/2019 06:18

    shame on them....this was 100%dictator

  • Ranjan B.
    12/07/2019 04:09


  • Sunil K.
    12/07/2019 02:50

    How can a cop hit any citizen...saale cop ko wahi peetna chahiye tha

  • Jubula B.
    11/07/2019 18:49

    Uttar Pradesh at the peak stages of vikash 😓😓😓 great job by UP railway cops.👎👎👎

  • Sarfaraz K.
    11/07/2019 15:11

    New india 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dipankar S.
    11/07/2019 11:02


  • Vineet K.
    11/07/2019 04:48

    If he put that's much power to make that railways line that thing never been happen

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