• Nas T.
    29/02/2020 21:03

    Wow what a U turn, Kitne Mein Bik Gaya ye Bhadwa?

  • Sandip C.
    28/02/2020 13:54

    We support CAA and NRC

  • Mohd N.
    26/02/2020 12:51

    Isko koi serious nahi leta bolne do isko

  • Saket D.
    26/02/2020 10:34

    We support CAA ,NRC,NPR and we reject channel Brut who always running anti-national agenda ..

  • Azmat S.
    26/02/2020 10:11

    Chal Bhagg re Darr Gaya lagta Rajthakre ED ke raid se

  • Kapil P.
    26/02/2020 09:51

    Lion of Mumbai

  • Satyendra P.
    26/02/2020 09:20

    जय श्री राम

  • Sumit R.
    26/02/2020 08:58

    Khatam adami avsar wadi thakare .

  • Subodh C.
    26/02/2020 08:13

    बिन बुडाचा लोटा, तु चुप रे.

  • धनंजय प.
    26/02/2020 07:22

    कुठे या इंग्रजांच्या गव्हाळ, सावळ्या पोरांच्या नादाला लागत आहेस इथे ? हे असले डफली वाजवत, बेंबीच्या देठापासून बोंबलत फिरणारया "आझादी" फेम मोर्चामध्ये रोमँटिझम शोधणारे YZ लोक्स आहेत इथे, डफली मोर्चांचा फायदा होऊन 10-12 निकाह पक्के झाल्यावर हा रोमँटिझम जास्तच वाढायला लागला आहे ! 😄😄😂😂😂

  • Vikyi K.
    26/02/2020 06:51


  • Meet J.
    26/02/2020 06:10

    I support NRC and CAA

  • Kulesh T.
    26/02/2020 05:44

    Bala saheb ka dusra Naam,,raj thackeray

  • Hanusha P.
    26/02/2020 04:56

    Going by the comments section I would like to say this. When it is said that Triple Talaq is unconstitutional, some fundamentalists will argue that it is allowed in Islam. But when minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are granted citizenship, the same people argue that it is unconstitutional. Why is that they were not talking about Constitution in the first place? If we say the practice Allowing a Muslim man to have 4 wives at a time and not allowing a Muslim woman to have 4 husbandz at a time is Unconstitutional and violation of equality no one cares and they say it is allowed in Islam. What is this double standards and hypocricy all about? CAA is no way against Muslims and it is an act enacted on humanitarian grounds. If some people want to argue that giving helping hand to persecuted religious minorities is unconstitutional then only Allah could save them. We all know that equality is conditional. A 3 year old baby can not be treated equally with 30 year old guy. Obviously 3 year old baby needs more care. If some one argues that the state iz treating 30 year old man unfairly and unequally when compared to 3 year old baby, I really dont know how to educate them. How can we treat both the persecutors and persecuted equally? You can not treat uneqauls equally. And this is what Indian Left is arguing in this country since ages. And suddenly today they want to treat Pakistani Muslims on par with the people whom they persecuted. Anti CAA protests are becoming the examples of hypocricy, gross lying and instigating violence. Such a shame!

  • Shailesh J.
    26/02/2020 04:56


  • Kiran S.
    26/02/2020 04:53

    देश के गद्दरो को गोली मारो सालों को

  • Daud C.
    26/02/2020 02:44


  • Beerendra M.
    26/02/2020 02:32

    Jai ho aadarniya Raj thakrey sahab aap hindu sher hai.. Aap par garv hai hame.. Jai shri ram Jai shiva ji

  • Shrish S.
    26/02/2020 00:10

    Correction : those who are already here in India ..not newcomers

  • Sahil K.
    26/02/2020 00:09

    What a level of hypocrisy... Pakistan Hindu in india is okay but muslim don't....why...Chutiya Raj think it's the time to get some poltical benefits...but sorry no place for u except 🐕 barking

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