Rajdeep Sardesai On Future Of India Under Modi

“India is slowly becoming an elected autocracy. The individual matters much more than any institution.” Rajdeep Sardesai’s alarming diagnosis of India’s democratic future…

01/20/2020 3:47 PMupdated: 01/20/2020 4:01 PM
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  • Bishal M.
    2 days

    Bhosdike naach kyu raha hai ye?

  • Ghulam N.
    3 days

    بلکل درست فرما رہیں ہیں صاحب

  • Nagesh R.
    3 days

    rajdeeep is good at dancing

  • Srinivasan S.
    4 days

    It has already become one dear ...

  • Clifford R.
    4 days

    People of India do not deserve democracy ,they have made a mockery of it.

  • Shelly J.
    4 days

    The perils of party based partisan politics...

  • Jag P.
    4 days

    Wrong, betrayed

  • Swamy U.
    5 days

    Western interest, paid media and so called intellectuals are spreading hate speech.

  • Pradeep K.
    5 days

    Iska IQ test karo

  • Bharat V.
    6 days

    He thinks he is putting up an intellectual argument but he is challenged and losing relevance in his journalistic space resulting in such wild assumptions. His bias towards Modi is well documented. He should not be taken seriously. Maybe he is a recipient of the benefits Rajeev Gandhi foundation.

  • Runu S.
    6 days

    And in every manifesto, these reforms were announced openly, so stop blurring facts to suit yourself

  • Runu S.
    6 days

    All these long years we had a fantastically democratic government who had ussured in Ram raja. Wow, you are missing the pampering by the previous government and taking out your angst thus. Isiko to patrakarita kahte haen

  • Jayanna K.
    7 days

    Chamcha of Nehru family

  • Vimoth K.
    06/26/2020 17:10

    Biggest asshole of Indian news mafia

  • Devesh K.
    06/25/2020 19:05

    There was no other way of getting article 370 passed in the parliament. We all know about the opposition parties whose main aim is just to oppose. Abrogation of article 370 was utmost necessary. As far as CAA is concerned,it has nothing to do with the citizens of this country. If somebody thinks that provisions of CAA are unconstitutional then there is supreme court in this which will quash it

  • J J.
    06/25/2020 18:41

    Jobless person therefore Mad person

  • Rajesh K.
    06/25/2020 17:54

    C.. Tiya.. Desai 🤣😅

  • Yeshwanth G.
    06/25/2020 17:43

    I burst out laughing...when I read "Rajdeep Sardesai's alarming Diagnosis"🤣😅😂

  • Shreekant J.
    06/25/2020 17:27

    Sold journalist Congress ka paltu

  • Pratima T.
    06/25/2020 15:15

    Paagal sardesai