• Unice M.
    05/29/2019 15:20

    i accept with rajni sir speech..leaders who leaded in India towards success and growth but the modi dint done it he only training to spread haters and communil violence in country in the name of Hindu and Muslims..i think its not the correct way lo lead a country...

  • Prashant A.
    05/29/2019 15:22

    Ya like xchanging the evm....

  • Gargi P.
    05/29/2019 15:27

    देश के इतिहास मे ये पहली बार हो रहा हे की देश के प्रधानमंत्र को इतना निचा दिखने की कोसिस हो रही है। जब अटलजी की सरकार दो वोट से गिरा दी थी। ऐसा वहिष्कार तब बीजेपी ने भी नहीं किया त। इतना हे नहीं जब अटलजी विपक्षी की पार्टी मे थेय उन्होने कांग्रेस के हेर फैसला चाहे वो परमाडु परिक्षण हो या दो देशो की संधि सबका स्वागत किया त। कांग्रेस कि ये राजनैतिक लड़ाई तो व्यक्तिगत लड़ाई मे ताबतील हो गई हे. Namo 2024

  • Sheikh E.
    05/29/2019 15:32

    MODI. G. KI. JAY.

  • Ashutosh S.
    05/29/2019 15:32

    Rajni sir is too much senior and still standing over the mics and answering thr questions but media is putting mic on his face continuously. Can't u respect a senior citizen?

  • Kiran K.
    05/29/2019 15:35

    Anyone can swim with the wave....it takes courage to swim against the wave.

  • Virendra S.
    05/29/2019 15:46

    Very good answered given by Super Star Rajni kant ji to Media.

  • Prasenjit S.
    05/29/2019 16:08


  • Pranay W.
    05/29/2019 16:19

    I agree with most of the points made by rajinikanth sir except remarks on Nehru and indira Gandhi. Nehru was not the first choice of INC to become PM and became PM only because of Gandhi. He is the main reason for our nation's current situation. Indira Gandhi always wanted to become dictator and wanted monarchy rather than democracy. These two shouldn't be included in the list of great leaders of India.

  • Hasaan F.
    05/29/2019 16:30

    Rajnikanth ku dakh😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kabbir G.
    05/29/2019 16:32

    Please dont take him seriously.....he is a zero

  • Tanya M.
    05/29/2019 16:41

    Your Favourite is praising my Favourite 😄😄

  • Sunny G.
    05/29/2019 16:43

    Now rajnikant turned as BHAKT 😂😂

  • Abhijit D.
    05/29/2019 16:49

    Thalaiva is south leaders are planning to get separated from bharat ?

  • Rayanna P.
    05/29/2019 17:21

    Thalaiva Is Correct

  • Bhagat S.
    05/29/2019 17:41

    Rajni has spoken good about everything but hasn't spoken the truth about Congress which no one will, that all I know except bjp.

  • Vicky Y.
    05/29/2019 17:46

    Jab rajni sir hi bhakt hogye to kya ghanta jetegi opposition

  • Nadiya S.
    05/29/2019 18:31

    Rajni sir is a senior citizen cant u give respect to him. Continuously showing mic on his face. Cant agree with him. Anyways anyone can swim with the wave, it takes courage to swim against the wave.

  • Aditya M.
    05/29/2019 18:39


  • Suren P.
    05/29/2019 21:36

    remember this guy ??