Ram Guha Vs. YouTube’s Desh Bhakt

“I detest Hindutva.” Watch historian Ramachandra Guha dodge right-wing salvos in this interaction with satirist Akash Banerjee. There’s more where this came from, visit

24/01/2020 2:12 PM
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  • Rajesh B.
    7 days

    Sickularism is a disease introduced in the constitution by late PM Indira Gandhi, she added the word secular in the constitution of India without any majority vote in the parliament and by putting the entire opposition in jail under the garb of Emergency. Even Ambedkar did not allow Nehru to add this word in the constitution but this did not stop the Nehru khandaan from hijacking democracy. This is my family story and the persecution we faced due to muslim invasions of India, but Barkha dutt said that Kashmiri pandits were privileged so the kashmiri muslims have every right to lynch them to death and do their exodus. My Great Great Great Grand Parents were forced to migrate from Sindh to Rajasthan when Yazid hejaj al Yusuf the same person who killed 4 companions of Prophet Mohammed sent his general Mohammed bin Qasim to invade India because a hindu king Raja Dahir gave refuge to Imam Hussain family & companions, Mohammed bin Qassim & his army plundered 80 million hindus & buddhists on the way, Until he was driven back by Bapa Rawal whose name till this date given to a city in Pakistan called Rawalpindi. But today the story of Raja Dahir is not taught in Indian history and no film producer will make a movie on this forgotten hero. My Great Great Grand parents were forced to migrate back from Jaisalmer to sindh, when Alauddin Khalji a muslim sultanate, in 1303 CE lay siege to the Chittor Fort of Raja Ratan Sen, the Rajput ruler to steal his wife Rani padmavati, who was forced to perform Johur. Disturbed by the fact that an Indian scholar and teacher knew more than the Haqims of his own court, Khilji decided to destroy the roots of all knowledge and Ayurveda in this country. So he set fire to the Great Library of Nalanda and burned down 9 million manuscripts! Meanwhile the Sikh gurus lost their necks & children trying to protect hindus from conversions forced by Aurangzeb. In 1947 once again, My Grand Parents were given no choice, Either leave our ancestral home in sindhi over night & flee to India or be killed or forcefully converted to Islam. This happened as our leaders Nehru & Jinnah were both power hungry & were bribed by British to Partition India & Pakistan. The British gave away the birth place of Hindu & Sikh religion, our mecca & vatican & a 10000 year old Vedic heritage was given away to the muslims. These elections were done in a manner to create partition, as 30% reservation was given to muslims while hindus were not allowed to even vote. But after creating Pakistan the muslims were not forced to go to Pakistan, even as the land for every muslim in India was given to create Pakistan. In 1947 90% Indian muslims voted for creation of Pakistan and then later the same muslims stayed back in India and claimed they were loyal Indians. If they were loyal why did they vote for creation of Pakistan. We now understand they were practicing Taqiyya (deception). But when India and Pakistan were divided based on religion, Pakistan a Islamic country and India a hindu country. Yet it was hindu majority India forcefully created into a secular constitution in 1971. While the all Indian constitution created in 1951 which allowed all minorities to practice their religion with full freedom, unlike pakistan and bangladesh were minorities were exterminated the same did not happen in India. But this was not enough to humiliates the hindus majority of India. Now let us hear this from the mouth of sardar patel who said in this speech to muslims.and he said , You will killed 5000 muslims in nokhali, 90% of you muslims voted to create pakistan but stayed back in India. Still we the hindu majority will be toerant we will create a secular constitution. so that you have freedom to relgion. He said we are giving you chance to integregrate but so far even after 75 years of indiependence muslims are doing block voting and violating democracy. Hence muslims should not be given voting rights in India if they are going to destroy secular democracy, but in India AAP and Congress are still practicing the same old politics which is anti Hindu and pro Muslim. When we arrived in India from Pakistan, we learned Nehru made a constitution that gave muslims & christians right to teach in their respective religion in their convents & Madrassas. But Hindus in a Majority India were not given right to open Gurukuls or even teach Vedas in our schools. This is because of the constitution of India, only the minorities were given right to preach religion in schools hindu majority was denied this right. We were told the partition happened due to religion & so India will be for hindus & Pakistan for Muslims, this happened because the 90% Muslims voted to create Pakistan. But when we came here to India barely surviving our lives, we found during the partition the population of Muslims was 92 million muslims in Undivided India. The population of muslims who went to Pakistan from India was 5 million and the Population of muslims that went from India to Bangladesh (East Pakistan) was 5 million. So at the time of partition 82 million muslims stayed back in India and only 10 million muslims went to Pakistan and Bangladesh (East Pakistan). This despite the fact that 90% of the muslim population had voted to create Pakistan. So East and West Pakistan took 10% of the muslim population but took 35% of the land and resources. We were told Nehru & Gandhi allowed Muslims to stay in India. But hindus who stayed back could not survive the 29% who stayed back in Pakistan were killed, raped & forcefully converted. Soon after we were barely recovering our lives in refugee camps in India, lost our all our property our loved one, we were told Nehru created Hindu code bill which means Hindu cannot marry multiple wifes, but muslims can marry. This allowed the muslim population to multiple by the hindu population was controlled. We noted our temples were controlled by government IAS officers, but churches & mosques were handled by christian & muslim trusts. In 1990 our brothers faced forced exodus from Kashmir. We barely survived the 75 years of fake Independence & anti Hindu rule of congress party of India. During this time we were scared to stop the Muslims from cutting cow in front of Hindu temples. Muslims posted Beef party videos on the youtube to belittle the hindus. We were being falsely branded as Saffron terrorists, one by one our religious leaders were sent to Jails in false cases. We were scared to be hindu, branded at sanghi. Fed up of this persecution & lies, We voted in large majority to bring Modi as PM, after 65 years of atrocities. The congress bribed News channels, Biased Journalists & English news papers lied non-stop to defame & scare the hindus. We were scared to even implement the beef ban mentioned in the directive principle of the constitution, which congress party never implemented for 65 years. In 1984 we seen the sikh riots killings by congress party goons, but their politics create khalistan which is now in 2021 Farmers protest used for hatred against Hindus. Today 2019 we are so scared that congress party may come back & restart the Persecution of Hindus, the congress party may revive fake saffron terrorism/ Intolerance of India is a imaginary term marketed with the help of Amir Khan & Naseruddin shah. I am hindu scared to be hindu in hindu majority India Now in 2019, congress is trying to introduce new anti hindu law which allowed minorities to make police complaint against hindu with provision of any proof.

  • Jamal J.
    7 days


  • Roksana C.
    13/04/2021 09:16

    At least this guy Guha is not afraid to speak his mind and he saw indian politics as it is. India is going to divide sooner or later due to bad politics and Modi just created that opportunity for all.

  • Raghuram M.
    13/04/2021 02:30

    Raavan Guha ..The greatest of Nehru Khangress Sycophants with zero Knowledge of History ..yet he is called Historian

  • Kavita K.
    12/04/2021 18:29

    Yes India is not of one religion but of all religion. Please understand, don't mix religion with our country.

  • Soumyak B.
    12/04/2021 18:11

    He's not a prudent historian but a rabble rouser. How many are aware of his history? His 📚 got best trash 🗑️ acclaims from Reader's association. He's very potent and eloquent in creating pestiferous conditions..... Nobody gives him a damn except some of his fellowship students.

  • Bibek S.
    12/04/2021 16:57

    Ramchandra Guha makes history as per his requirement.... Greatest Manipulator.. He has problem for Hindus... Disgusting fellow

  • Segaran S.
    12/04/2021 13:45

    Congress bro

  • Vicky S.
    12/04/2021 13:20

    चुतीय लौडे सवाल तो ढंग के पुच ना

  • Vinod N.
    12/04/2021 12:27

    This interviewer is an angry man. I do not know who selected him for this interview. An interviewer should be unbiased. But this guy is only taking one side. I do not think he read the books either. He needs to do his homework before interview.

  • Soniy P.
    11/04/2021 19:09

    Satire..Satire and satire..👍👍👍

  • Dona P.
    11/04/2021 18:24

    Neheru? Who sold Kashmir to Pakistan for one night stand, Neheru???? Okay buddhe

  • Mangmin K.
    11/04/2021 17:40

    Modi is ❤️ BJP is shitt

  • Vinay K.
    11/04/2021 16:39

    Quite lately.. but everyone starts only after a Pin n Pain..!!! That's Indians..!!! I am a proud Supporter of Modi ji..!!! Review time to the others else it's an end of the road in agendas and Work and balance.. even now.. Chaos or not, it's about Power in Sitting position.. and responsibility in Opposition but to chalk out what's missing.. it's hard to do n it's hard to do now in this times, but still it's all about practical digging of past and agendas and motives of the Party..!!!

  • Zeba S.
    11/04/2021 15:39

    It's the "haAaAAAaa" for me

  • Danish K.
    11/04/2021 08:24

    Mr ram Guha what a great answer you have gived to a chutiya bhakt...happy to see some good hindus still alive who understand about bjp and R.S.S🤣

  • भूषण प.
    11/04/2021 07:46


  • Presenjeet B.
    11/04/2021 06:43

    Agree we are not hindu pakistan And that's true people don't hate to the congress but hates the Gandhi family .

  • Varun K.
    11/04/2021 01:06

    Who is this persona no grata Guha?

  • Abhishek J.
    10/04/2021 17:44

    Yes exactly India doesn't below to single religon appeasement and vote bank politics should be condemn

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