Ram Guha Vs. YouTube’s Desh Bhakt

“I detest Hindutva.” Watch historian Ramachandra Guha dodge right-wing salvos in this interaction with satirist Akash Banerjee. There’s more where this came from, visit

01/24/2020 2:12 PM
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  • Abhishek O.
    9 hours

    Is he really a historian... He is saying a historian should be attracted to someone's sense of this the basis of choosing a historic charecter... He is saying India's international reputation is in mud.... Is he serious? And should any sensible person take him seriously by the way...

  • M K.
    11 hours

    अक्ल की कमी हे भाई अभी समय लगेगा जब हलाला होगा किसीका पूरे विश्व ने क्या हो रहा हम सेक्युलर बस प्रसंसा के भूके ये म्खत्म करो ये सब कोई जरूरत नहीं हे दुष क्यों बनता कश्मीर में क्या किया इन्हे सेक्युलर की पड़ी साले पागल

  • DrVishnu K.
    13 hours

    नकारात्मक सोच वाले लोग ।

  • Ashok K.
    15 hours

    He is confused

  • Harry D.
    15 hours

    Can someone explain to me the definition of " hindutva " please

  • Basavaraj S.
    20 hours

    Haha I really don’t understand what’s really he is trying to say? He is so confused fellow...just he is trying to take publicity...he criticised everyone then who is best for country or politics? I proudly say my hero is Godse and Savarkar...Jai hind

  • Ranjit S.
    a day

    Congress supporters video 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Manoj K.
    a day

    Mother fucker...utter national waste slaves of traitors and naxals

  • Sai S.
    a day

    It's manmohan Singh but Gandhi family make him a puppet

  • Chandrakant R.
    a day

    He is a Chodu....!

  • Harish K.
    a day


  • Arumugam V.
    a day

    Who the fuck is interested in your idea of India dumbfuck .

  • Vikash G.
    a day

    This interviewer looks like RISHI DHAMALA .

  • Sampreet N.
    a day

    3 musketeers. No sorry. 2 chutiyas

  • Suhas M.
    a day

    Fuck you maaaan....

  • Subho S.
    a day

    Yes Savarkar couldn't crack jokes because he spent 21yrs of his life in prison with enormous torture when gandhi was busy in cracking jokes and demeaning Netaji subhash bose, bhagat singh and others... They were not same bro!!!

  • Prithviraj H.
    a day

    ooouuccchhh😂😜 this is pretty much the same conversations we have between us😝

  • Vikash C.
    2 days

    Two bastards...

  • Dominic W.
    2 days

    I just found this page, what do you think of the interview?

  • Debjyoti C.
    2 days

    There should a debate between two intellectuals and not between one dressed like a fool asking lame questions like “if I am saving hindutva what is your problem” in front of a historian who is good in debate .....he knows that his questions will hit him back....his questions seemed that he want to get slaughtered by the historian....when this historian is saying about division why didn’t congress abolished caste system like SC, ST,OBC etc if you truly think that we are one then there are many things to be changed