Ratan Tata's Kind Words For PM Modi

"You have been the carrier of leadership." Awarded the ASSOCHAM Centenary Award by Narendra Modi, Ratan Tata was effusive in his praise for the Prime Minister.

21/12/2020 3:56 PM
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  • Santano F.
    17/01/2021 08:28

    Please remove the guy with the f........g beard.

  • Sonik S.
    06/01/2021 08:50

    Hahaha You are funny

  • Varghese T.
    29/12/2020 16:25

    He was praising Modi for getting this award to him not surprising....Modi has reduced the corporate tax by looting the he bound to praise Modi.... He totally ignored the common Man & Farmers in the country...I lost the respect for you Mr Tata 😞

  • Rakesh K.
    28/12/2020 02:21


  • Abdul K.
    27/12/2020 11:46

    A successful businessman always know to stay afloat in the market...

  • Raj T.
    27/12/2020 11:01

    Mr Tata, sorry but you are losing credibility by supporting someone like Modi.

  • Selwyn M.
    27/12/2020 06:06

    TATA thanking the PM for giving him the Parliament Vista Project n the Demon looking at Tata menacingly to "better say good things about him "

  • Jorny R.
    26/12/2020 13:21

    Narendra Modi not worthy of RATAN TATA PRAISE.

  • Jaswinder K.
    26/12/2020 10:34

    Yu didt see poor people going hme on foot fr days . Ugly horrible men. Who will go in there graves soon

  • Errfan S.
    26/12/2020 08:57

    And the project to build the parliament goes to... Tata projects

  • Imtiaz B.
    26/12/2020 07:08

    Ratan Tata we did not expect this from you

  • Noor A.
    26/12/2020 04:23

    Can Modi understand him really??

  • Shaguftha S.
    26/12/2020 03:16

    Did they threaten him with Cbi raids or other legal proceedings?

  • Trek L.
    25/12/2020 15:53

    My respect for RT is zero now

  • Salil R.
    25/12/2020 14:46

    Your health needs to be.looked.into ..all things possible must be done to get you.back to as.much.youth fulness as.possible..and this must be done as quickly as possible..

  • Barkath A.
    25/12/2020 13:57

    When light is all shutdown current production was stopped, we're is that money, how many crores

  • Barkath A.
    25/12/2020 13:55

    Sir, u, also become a co-porate

  • Shaik S.
    25/12/2020 10:10

    Tata Ji, Very Good Jokes very funny speech by us. thanks to you for making us laugh 😀😀😀

  • Devender S.
    25/12/2020 09:09

    Yeah u could say that becoz of 4700 crore different commission projects.

  • Meenu T.
    25/12/2020 07:31

    Logo Ko mirchi lagi, some people don't wanna hear truth. Sacch hamesha karwa hota hai...... Great man Mr Tata and great leader Mr Narinder Modi.......

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