Remembering Obama's First Inauguration Speech

10 years ago today, Barack Obama raised his right hand and made his frist speech as president of the United States. đŸ‡ș🇾

20/01/2019 7:02 AMupdated: 31/08/2020 8:27 AM
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  • Brut India
    22/01/2019 11:34

    Obama made fans in India, too.

  • Job S.
    21/01/2019 14:29

    War Criminal! And a Liar

  • Mohit S.
    21/01/2019 05:54

    My president forever đŸ€˜đŸ€˜đŸ€˜

  • Saddam K.
    21/01/2019 05:26

    He is best president and great human being.....

  • Greg M.
    20/01/2019 18:20

    Worst day in American history

  • Sangeeta A.
    20/01/2019 14:18

    Change our believe system and should work for humanity at large apart from fighting for land boundries , religion and cast colour of skin , culture. Which discriminate every aspect of it

  • Jeff M.
    20/01/2019 12:34

    He is a charlatan

  • Jan J.
    20/01/2019 12:22

    Donald Trump should take some lessons from him. One of the inspiration in today's world as well.

  • Mrinmoy K.
    20/01/2019 10:51

    Obama be the coolest president that have ever been seen...nor like trump balanced the relation with every country that a country desrevs...moreover a leader like obama listed as forbs most powerful person could be no more than less

  • Hadwdsa B.
    20/01/2019 10:10

    Bullshit Obama horrible Swamp

  • Sathish Y.
    20/01/2019 10:02

    Trump is better in Peace compared to all previous stupids

  • Siva P.
    20/01/2019 09:21

    Always an inspirational leader

  • Sunny G.
    20/01/2019 08:57

    He was the reason behind SYRIA and LIBYA distruction 👈👎👎isse accha toh trump hai atleast he is removing army from Syria and Afghanistan 👈

  • Alia A.
    20/01/2019 08:44

    Frist speech?

  • Krunal P.
    20/01/2019 08:39

    In his tenure... whole Syria and Libya destroyed ... and he got nobel peace prize .. vah...

  • Inman A.
    20/01/2019 08:30

    One powerful speech, Only a leader of most powerful country could have delivered.

  • Shubham P.
    20/01/2019 08:22

    .... Wow just dekh.

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