• Ramjan K.
    26/08/2017 08:08


  • Utkarsh V.
    26/08/2017 07:28

    I don't understand how do you even define privacy. People don't want Aadhaar to store their biometric details but they don't mind if foreign companies like Apple and Samsung ask to sacn their fingerprints or Iris to unlock their phones. People are against cyber stalking but they willingly post every moment of their daily lives on social platforms like. How come it's ok if the details of your Bank, PAN, Passport, Aadhar, DL, Voter Id, etc. are stored at different places but not ok if they're all linked together? Aren't they still in public domain? What if parents want to keep an eye on what their kids are doing but they can't because it is illegal. What if in a census the govt asks people about their family/work details but they deny to do so in the name of their privacy? What if the government wants to install CCTV cameras in colonies for public's own safety but the public start bragging about their privacy? What if the government wants to build a metro line over a road but people like Amitabh Bachchan start protesting it claiming it as an infringement of their house's privacy? Are there any specifications in the verdict that clarify on whom this so called "right to privacy" applies and on whom it does not?

  • Devansh S.
    26/08/2017 07:14

    Utkarsh Dwivedi Rushil Arora now that privacy is a fundamental right, the school can't check our phones 🙂

  • Bimlesh S.
    26/08/2017 06:49

    Biometric identification is not invasive.Govt must have to protect the private information imbuilt in biometric information digitally .This is what the inference may be drawn from Supreme court verdict.

  • Ankush S.
    26/08/2017 06:41

    Hahahahha Great logic by woman Several instances where entire........ Really ... Pentagon got hacked US MILITARY got hacked These are the most powerful acc. To protection of data in there servers Our bank accounts have been hacked too With her logic Comouter system should be abolished as it is prone to hacking And go back to register system????? Wow Amazed by the logic of THESE 9 JUDGES HATS OFF

  • Shyam K.
    26/08/2017 06:32


  • Abhijeet S.
    26/08/2017 06:12

    illogical duffers.....

  • Nisha Y.
    26/08/2017 06:04

    Donisha Choudhary

  • Nikita B.
    26/08/2017 06:03

    Right to privacy

  • Anshul S.
    26/08/2017 06:02

    dkh ise..

  • Shimon D.
    26/08/2017 05:40


  • Chinglenkhomba M.
    26/08/2017 05:17

    Whatever people upload thier photos and then basic informations is thier choice and also thier choice what not to upload. But a mandatory seeking of personal information and account details linking to altogether will be more risk to cyber attacks. Why do you want to give 100% trust on your personal information safety to your govt when you are in a Democratic republic. People gave up thiers in communist and dictatorship countries not in democratic republic

  • Ayush S.
    26/08/2017 03:52

    Deepika Saini

  • Manoj M.
    26/08/2017 02:20


  • Neeraj V.
    26/08/2017 02:07

    Aadhar is must. Common man of this country is getting empowered and has nothing to conceal.

  • Avinash A.
    26/08/2017 01:50

    Ur finger print dene se meri privacy khtm ni hoti

  • Avinash A.
    26/08/2017 01:49

    Adhar should must

  • Amit G.
    26/08/2017 00:49

    Facebook pe easily dekh sakte hai date of birth, work , school, family, aur pata nahi kya kya, Facebook sabse phele ban ho jana chaiye

  • Amit G.
    26/08/2017 00:45

    iska matlab abb India meh Facebook ko ban kar dena chaiye, sab jayada privacy intrusion yahi hota hai

  • Aman B.
    25/08/2017 20:44

    May chut land door

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