Riots after Ram Rahim's sentence.

Angry protests broke out in north India after a court convicted Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh of raping two women.

25/08/2017 6:31 PM
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  • Sheetal S.
    27/08/2017 08:04

    Marne doo inko

  • Bhaskar J.
    27/08/2017 07:32

    Wao... criminals become icons...poor mentality..stand up for some good cause not Verse versa... stupid mob..

  • Hari K.
    27/08/2017 06:36

    this is really worst he is criminal y these people doing that kind of hell

  • Prokritee N.
    27/08/2017 05:46

    Why don't you fool people commit suicide at your homes instead of harassing others ?

  • Dada T.
    27/08/2017 05:12

    Rapepis murdered ko fake inincounter me khatam karo.

  • Ainulla P.
    27/08/2017 04:19

    Yeh Hai India

  • Jay H.
    27/08/2017 02:41

    A holes

  • Avinash B.
    27/08/2017 02:14

    Today every situation in our country turns political and it's all about blaming and hating the other side. No introspection. No sense of responsibility. No one knows the real story as every news and media opportunity is a damn spin. Reminds me of the movie Wag the Dog.

  • ཚེ་རིང ས.
    27/08/2017 01:47

    Where is gun firing, tear gas, lathi charge . It is only meant for a gorkhaland....??? Incredible India

  • L D.
    27/08/2017 00:41

    पहले आशा *राम..* फिर *राम*पाल.. फिर *राम* वृक्ष यादव... अब *राम*रहीम... हे *राम..!!* *राम*देव की रक्षा करना.!! 😂😂

  • Preeti D.
    26/08/2017 20:15

    Seriously we r getting rid of over n shit population.. good die😊😊

  • Sohel K.
    26/08/2017 19:33

    Bc Ab to had hi hogae agar kisi muslim ne Aisa kiya hota 3 talak k verdict aAne k baad to sarkar kya is tarah chup baith ti

  • Kons J.
    26/08/2017 19:20

    Fuck u God men if u have guts kill me

  • Vishal G.
    26/08/2017 19:06

    it shows the mentality of these bas**s .. army should be deployed and given full freedom to take care of these a**ho**s in the way they'll never forget...

  • Gaingam C.
    26/08/2017 19:05

    lol protest for raper where are we in world incredible. What the point to be good man now ?

  • Raj D.
    26/08/2017 19:04

  • Sayyedazmat A.
    26/08/2017 18:47

    Kadi se kadi aur bht badi kadi ninda kerni chahiye jitni kadi ninda ki jaye kam hai

  • Afreen M.
    26/08/2017 18:46

    Ye hai India ....mera bharat mahan jai hind

  • Pabitra K.
    26/08/2017 18:40

    A direct KOS need for the great followers. Don't know why people follows these assholes. Even they didn't know the meaning of GOD. please people ..... Don't worship the God you made, worship the God who made you.

  • இல்லங்குடி ச.
    26/08/2017 18:39

    2 Minutes silence for North indian who is proud of their place and people 😂

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