S. Jaishankar On Criticism Of Govt's Handling Of Second Wave

Foreign minister S. Jaishankar said he preferred to take public health experts more seriously than media reports which criticised the Modi government's handling of the pandemic. Do you agree with him?

06/05/2021 11:01 AMupdated: 06/05/2021 11:01 AM
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  • ماجد ك.
    10/06/2021 16:54

    Yes, in case of getting rid of the corona epidemic

  • Aashutosh S.
    19/05/2021 08:18

    This is no excuse. Elections can be stopped. Democracy is for the people. Shameful!

  • Shail R.
    13/05/2021 16:32

    Still no shame.

  • Shahhamza A.
    11/05/2021 19:39

    You destroy and we come togathert to contribute?

  • Sanju J.
    10/05/2021 22:03

    Hum kare soh Kaayda Why didn’t judiciary take necessary step?? There officers are most interested in showing their supremacy and power over common man.

  • Hemanth K.
    10/05/2021 17:54

    this is emergency, please provide them oxygen and medicine to make them at home. Then address it.

  • Hemanth K.
    10/05/2021 17:52

    Better you can educate modhi and Amith shah on this. I think you can convenc them easier

  • Baiju B.
    10/05/2021 11:16

    Is he suppose to speak this matter. God save our nation

  • Seema C.
    10/05/2021 07:58

    Shame on him and his govt for not taking the blame for this genocide! They r expert at whitewashing the crimes committed! Yes its crime they committed by not vaccinating well in time and not taking experts on field instead of uneducated power hungry politicians with fat greedy bellies ! This country sucks now🥲🥲

  • Hussain S.
    10/05/2021 07:12

    Than when prime minister recently said before the outbreak of 2nd wave of coronavirus we are safe U are only the puppet of modi

  • Syed M.
    09/05/2021 23:02

    His role is to defend his master than his responsibilities

  • Mushraf A.
    09/05/2021 19:13

    One of our Educated minister are speaking in this manner, IT feel like government does want take responsibility on him for making it worst pandemic of the year, In this situation, Political rally, elections were taken place and that high level of minister of India participated, so we can understand, how much minister are caring about the general public, As elections and rally and many other things had opened, which can be controlled, Have been boost no of Corona Viruse cases and uncountable number of death, Failure of health management Failure of Minister responsibility, It has lead to worst situation in India, People are dying and minister are sitting safe in their respective in their homes, Minister and their karyakarta should be available to covid patients with the oxygen to the general public, In this worst pandemic, some minister are playing communalism and some are taking action, some minister are taking action on innocent people who are lost the loved ones,

  • Chandrakant G.
    09/05/2021 14:22

    A dog always barks at the masters command....

  • Uttam H.
    09/05/2021 14:21

    Nobody will vote for BJP incompetent govt. in the next election. They don't care about citizens but only power.

  • Smriti B.
    09/05/2021 11:16

    Our society has been now defined by our ability to come together and spread the virus

  • Sari-Sari A.
    09/05/2021 10:40

    Saving faces... tsk.

  • WilyRana W.
    09/05/2021 09:06

    On the whole what BS is he talking....

  • Ratnesh D.
    09/05/2021 09:02

    I am watching you Brut, your like slow poison. After few here and there post you stick to anti-national work.

  • WilyRana W.
    09/05/2021 09:02

    This chap will put the blame on 70 years of Nehrus rule and may also urge and request for some positivity quoting his medical expertise too of a mortality rate of just a 1% in Covid19 infection! On the whole he would mean a loss of 1.4 crore lives in India due to epidemic doesn't matter as he would say it is just 1% and a manageable collateral damage in this war... The narrative that he puts shows that he is trying his best to save his bosses grass...his accent is arrogance personified

  • Neelam J.
    09/05/2021 08:53

    Andher Nagri chaupat raja

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