Sam Pitroda Vs. Arun Jaitley On Balakot

When someone so close to Rahul Gandhi said citizens had the right to question India’s air strike on Pakistan, Arun Jaitley wasn’t going to let it slip. 😡

22/03/2019 4:21 PMupdated: 22/03/2019 4:57 PM
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  • Dayanand M.
    08/04/2019 10:18

    Sham pitroda you are right.

  • Sufaid A.
    08/04/2019 10:08

    Galt to kiya hai pakitan din me akr muh par thukdia

  • Ravi P.
    08/04/2019 08:15

    Ass hole

  • Paras S.
    08/04/2019 05:45

    Let's shift him to Pakistan & ask him to say Hindustan Zindabad 😅

  • Dinesh B.
    08/04/2019 05:32

    When Bombay serial blast happened, parliament terror attack happened, that time where you people's are sleeping..? So many innocent people's are killed by Islamic terror ,that time what you people keeping in your mouth...? Now as a Indian citizens your bloody right to ask..!!!!!!! Don't you people ashamed...?????

  • Anand B.
    08/04/2019 01:19


  • Ishant M.
    07/04/2019 19:21

    the same Sam Pitodia said Indian middle-class citizens are selfish and Indian youths with mobile phones are monkies. DO you buy that?

  • Bipin K.
    07/04/2019 18:57

    ye dekho brut aka propaganda channel....

  • Rohan J.
    07/04/2019 18:04

    Look fellas this is to all of you who are saying that we are questioning... you're not questioning the thing is that you're not trusting our armed forces.... And for those who thinks that anti bjp becomes anti Indian.... you people start criticizing BJP and end up criticizing armed forces this is the thing when you become anti national.

  • Ripon S.
    07/04/2019 17:14

    Asking questions to the government is the duty of every citizen in a democracy. It doesn't mean you are anti-national. If the government denies to answer your question then there is definitely something wrong and then it remarks you as an anti-national and force you to rely on it, then this is no doubtly dictatorship. We, the people of India should throw out this kind of coward government who are afraid to face your questions and instead tag you anti-national.

  • Longshah M.
    07/04/2019 16:53

    After 2019 election result whoever against with the congress's ideology they will be a

  • Paresh D.
    07/04/2019 12:55

    Ye madarchod ko india me ghusne mat do sale kutte ko

  • Vikram J.
    07/04/2019 11:16

    Did pappu sent his fresh potty in morning for your break fast u shit eater page

  • এবার ব.
    07/04/2019 08:12

    Congress Pakistani terrorist party

  • Amit P.
    07/04/2019 06:59

    Feku hi chor he

  • Tenzin Y.
    07/04/2019 05:18

    Arey bc tere jaise admi is desh me rehta hai! Sharam ki baat hai minister! Wo toh sahi baat kar raha hai! Tu ghuma kyu raha hai chutiya! Woh toh fact ki baat kar raha hai! Aur tu apni chutiya soch ki bare me baat kar raha hai!

  • Uday N.
    07/04/2019 02:22

    Mr. Sem is mently destrub person ...hamare desh me ek kahabat hai jaisi sangti vaisi soch ...pappu ji ka sangti ka asar hua hai sem par

  • Maddy S.
    07/04/2019 01:50

    Brut india its not a indian pages.. Its a pakisthani pages...

  • Jitesh G.
    06/04/2019 16:48

    To all critics of Modi ——- Who is your choice as PM ??

  • Aniket J.
    06/04/2019 15:47

    I am neither a BJP member nor a Modi Bhakt.. 4 years ago, income tax on taxable income between 2 L and 5 L was 10%, now 5%. 4 years ago, tax on restaurant bills was 13% to 28%, now 5%. 4 years ago, interest on home loans was 10.3%, now 8.65%. 4 years ago, 1 GB of 3G data pack was Rs 250, now, 1 GB of 4G at Rs 5. 4 years ago, sky high prices of medicine and stents, now they are several notches less. 4 years ago, inflation in double digits, now under 5%. Prices of pulses and vegetables fall. 4 years ago, 17 different indirect taxes, now just GST. 4 years our economy was in fragile 5 group now it's in BAA3 . 4 years ago in ease of doing business we were at 160 rank now one of the top performer it's 77. 4 years ago, Real Estate builders had Manmani, now they are bound to deliver project before deadline under RERA. 4 years ago, there were many enterance exams for medical, Now we have NEET. 4 years ago, avg Passport issue time was more than 5 months, now it is one or less than one month. 4 years ago, Highways were made on crawling speed now it is 70% higher than 2014. 4 Years ago, it was a distant dream to hear from any Neta, now they respond to tweets and FB posts. 4 Years ago, no body ever spoke about Safai, now we have world’s biggest safai andolan. 4 years ago, medicines’ prices were regulated by big pharma companies, now same is regulated by govt and have bought them down to 50%. The only problem with us Middle Class people is we never realize all these developments are of us. Schemes like Udaan, SwatchBharat, JanDhan, GST, Beti Padao and Beti bachao are for us buddy. The most important point. 4 Years ago we were not sure who our PM was, now even world knows about him. He is not a puppet atleast. Take Care in 2019. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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