• Swati T.
    04/29/2019 06:28

    Vote for Modi ji

  • Shaik M.
    04/29/2019 06:30

    We voted against communalism

  • Shivam D.
    04/29/2019 06:30

    Nhi Hum to terrorist shadwi ko vote denge.. Go mutra aur gobar kha kar bimari ka ilaj karenge.. Sangh k school main parenge .. Aur khud v shadwi jaise kam karenge

  • Mohamad S.
    04/29/2019 06:33

    During congress every thing was little by little fine.. after BJP came to power this party did samohik balatkar to each and every Citizens... All citizens got pregnant ... BJP it's resemble balatkari Janta party.. still citizens making themselves ready to get raped silently and hardcore

  • Joy S.
    04/29/2019 06:38

    These All Politicians and Party's are Corrupted.. One Hand do the Corruption for 50 Years in India.. The Other Lotus Did the corruption in 5 Years.. People are Suffering from Poverty, No Job, No Income, Farmer Suicide, No Agri, GST.. And More Issues One thing.. Your Vote is More Valuable but You are In Que .. But Your Candidate Not in Que He Got a Car and Luxurious Home and Protection.. They are Really Fucking AssHoles

  • Rahul J.
    04/29/2019 06:41

    World's best actor as usual showing his immense talent of acting skills once again.

  • Aravind A.
    04/29/2019 06:45

    look at this 😂

  • Claude A.
    04/29/2019 06:50

    Ubtil power remind into thé englo indian gmo nothing Will change.

  • Abhinaba S.
    04/29/2019 06:53

    Good one

  • Deva H.
    04/29/2019 07:04

    Eh chutiya politicians va hey bath bolthey hey kuch nahey kareyga

  • Devashish B.
    04/29/2019 07:06

    time loop😄

  • Prem V.
    04/29/2019 07:08

    You have better roads connectivity... cheap internet.. electricity... gas connections... bank accounts..loan facility for crores of people... lowest terrorism across India except few instances...toilets...swatch bharat... RTE for education... upto 5 lakhs for health ... for poor.... more airports... more roads bulit...triple talak... for women empowerment..6k yearly for farmers... no tax upto 5 lakhs ... excellent railway stations... modern weapons for military... GST DEMONITISATION for corruption control... children policy women policy 10% reservation for upper caste poor people ... zero corruption governance for 5 years... so many. Many More positive... things..in 5 years... So ... I have left many.. SO in next 5 years I can trust modi... I can wait for 5 more years... I can tolerate 5 more years of hopelessness... for better INDIA FOR BETTER LIVING FOR ALL INDIANS 😊🏌️‍♂️

  • فاطمة ح.
    04/29/2019 07:13


  • Swadesh D.
    04/29/2019 07:13

    Please do not give lecture on CORRUPTION. Charity began at Home. Eradicate Corruption from Top I.e upper echelons of our country. There is no fears in the mind of our people. As because there is no PUNISHMENT. Corrupt gets promotion in this country. Entire system is rotten one. For a material gain people ( so called educated class) can go any extent.

  • Adarsh S.
    04/29/2019 07:20

    Yeah sare milkar humko pagal bana rahe hain bas.

  • Chris S.
    04/29/2019 07:36

    Awesome teaser....waiting for the movie now

  • Akash M.
    04/29/2019 07:51

    Feko , baar baar wahi feko

  • Aditya R.
    04/29/2019 07:59

    Wade hai wadoo kaa kyaa hai

  • Jagrat S.
    04/29/2019 08:15


  • Santosh A.
    04/29/2019 08:32

    Vote against crony capitalism..