Scindia defends Air India’s privatisation

Civil Aviation Minister Jyortiraditya Scindia recounted how India’s flagship carrier turned into a loss-making entity under the UPA.

24/03/2022 4:26 PM
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  • Rabi K.
    31/03/2022 14:15

    Some bullshit he is talking about...

  • Anshul V.
    31/03/2022 03:29

    Ek company ki economic condition to teek kar ni pay desh ki economy kya karenge. Desh pe b bot loan hai jispe taxpayer ke peso se interest jata hai to desh ko b bech doge kya

  • Kunal D.
    30/03/2022 22:50

    2 + 2 more

  • Kunal D.
    30/03/2022 22:50

    2.5 + 2.5 more

  • Kunal D.
    30/03/2022 22:49

    Five percent

  • Avneet S.
    30/03/2022 21:44


  • Bheemaiah Y.
    30/03/2022 13:35

    Shame puppet minister

  • Satyavada M.
    30/03/2022 13:30

    Still we are fool to have faith in ...... Fool we still do not believe ....... Vote for the good Protect India National Assets. Protect Units of Public Sector Undertakings LIC of India National that

  • Nishant J.
    30/03/2022 07:51

    First of all govt is not lending money to foreign nationals who have no interest on India's growth, it's giving to Indians only, who are producing more jobs in returns, so why there is a problem on opposition side, it's simply because they don't want people of India to get educated and rich. All the missionaries fund congress party, so that in future poor families in Hindu society turn into either Christians or muslims.

  • Rohit S.
    30/03/2022 07:44

    Sindhiya ji ap bhut bdhiya kam kr rhe ese bechte rhiye 😂😂😂 bdhiya hai jb aur slogan bhi change hona chaiye .

  • Soumya B.
    30/03/2022 01:40

    Wat dis the GOI did from 2014 to reduce the scam as bcoz it has no logic to have a 70000 crore loss

  • Harsabardhan P.
    30/03/2022 01:29

    The difference between UPA and NDA well explained by a hard working minister raja saheb scindhiaji . That's the difference India with Modiji in making of New India .

  • Uddipta P.
    29/03/2022 16:02

    There is no requirement of Aviation ministry as now the National carrier is in private hand. This dept should be merged with the transport ministry.

  • Raj P.
    29/03/2022 10:00

    Just plain and perfect

  • Pramod S.
    29/03/2022 08:49

    बिना #जहाज , बिना अड्डे, के #जंत्री ? देखा कोई #बही, फिर भी नाम #बार्च का गेट है.. #चर लापता ?

  • Pramod S.
    29/03/2022 07:01

    एक अन्धभगत ने की GDP कमी के कारण, जनसंख्या नियंत्रण, कानून न होना बताया ? जवाब 8 भाई बहन वाला, परधान ही बर्बादी का कारण है ? बोलो, कितने प्रो9फ चाहिए नोटबन्दी.. 9 लाख करोड़ नुकसान 31 बैंक लोन भगोड़े में 28 गुजराति है ? सबने 10 लाख करोड़, गबन किया 74 देश का #मास्, लेकिन 1 भी बैंक, भगोड़ों, को #कॉलर े #घसीट ी लाया..? उल्टे 10 लाख करोड़, उनके लोन माफ कर दिया ? नोटबन्दी के बाद, #स्विस बें भारतीय लोगो के #काला धन, में 216 % #बढ़ोतरी ई ? #नोटबन्द बाद, / 4647 उधोगपतियों, ने लोन diffault किया । या करवाया गया ? 256 करोड़ का राफेल 1576 करोड़ में, कैसे? #चौकीदार ह, प्योर चोर

  • Bibhas R.
    28/03/2022 15:57


  • Alexander A.
    28/03/2022 15:26

    Report card of BJP and congress 1)They have Helped Vijay Malaya to run away with cash 2) they have helped Nirav modi tonrun away with cash 3) recently Rishi Aggarwal looted 22800crores Gujarati bussines man why BJP and congress are silent on iy 3) recently BJP announced to change election dates of Delhi who gave power to BJP and congress 4) During pandemic BJP and congress has killed people because of Mis management of oxygen cylinder Why BJP is silent? 5) Kasmiri pandit has suffered lot now BJP and congress comes with movies to make money. Kashmiri pandit needs help and rehabilitation not movies. Shame on BJP and congress 6)why all government schools are shabby condition 7) why there is no job to the youth 8)what about 2g 4g scam 9) why BJP and congress do mob lynching 10) why they create Hindu Muslim Sikh tension 11)why Modi does not come to media channels. Why only modi comes Godi media channel. Is modi afraid of public 11) what swiss bank account modi mentioned he will be bringing black money 12) Note bandhi was totally flop The list goes on the Corruption of BJP and congress

  • Mahboob A.
    28/03/2022 13:56

    Hazz se subsadies hta diya, Hazi ki tadad barh gai, Air India dub Gaya.

  • Satin A.
    28/03/2022 05:36

    By giving the airports to pvt sectors it creates job opportunities and more investments. Govt sectors will have unions and labors who will not want to work and just want to be on strikes half the time and ministers busy filling thier pockets

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