• Naveed A.
    03/01/2021 10:19

    He should have rewarded it back to the cheap bank.....

  • Oliver J.
    03/01/2021 08:05

    5000 for all the beating he took to save the bloody ATM? Disgraceful Act!

  • Aritra G.
    30/12/2020 11:52

    Bank should be prosecuted for that measly reward 🤬

  • Shivang P.
    26/12/2020 06:11

    The guard's life would have been made hell if the thief had been successful.

  • Trinadh O.
    25/12/2020 17:08


  • Adeel K.
    23/12/2020 14:59

    5k?? woaah...

  • Muhammad N.
    23/12/2020 13:59

    5k reward? What a Shame @karur vyasa bank

  • Abdul K.
    23/12/2020 07:55

    5k is reward or bank is trying to tell him he did foolishness and not bravery 🤔🤔🤔

  • Jonathan R.
    23/12/2020 02:51

    5000🙄 crappy bank . He risked his life. Idiots . Shame on ungrateful bank .

  • Kashmira R.
    23/12/2020 02:38

    5000/- is it a joke.... From now on I think no security guard will risk his life for this

  • Shibasis B.
    22/12/2020 19:40

    5k are you joking He deserved atleast 25k

  • Deepak T.
    22/12/2020 16:00

    5000...can't aid even the smashes he got..

  • Jithin K.
    22/12/2020 11:33


  • Lee G.
    22/12/2020 10:24

    5000? Can't even afford underwear with that these days ..what the eff

  • Swaroop G.
    22/12/2020 08:14

    Which bank is it I would really like to know. This man is putting his life in jeopardy to save his job as well as the bank money and he is being rewarded with ₹5000 only? Zindagi sasti ho gyi hain yeh toh suna thaa but itni sasti ho gyi hain kya yeh aajkal? (Requesting & members: Kindly make all of the comments reach out to that particular bank CEO and the wise decision maker of that particular ₹5000 reward)

  • Immanuel N.
    21/12/2020 21:17

    5000 RS - A huge sum some fifty plus three years ago... But, not today. Sad that we fail to recognise such brave, honest, and straight forward ppl.

  • Sheveine R.
    21/12/2020 18:04

    Seriously , only 5000, oh gosh what about the life he put on stake apart from those physical torture. Degracefull.😳

  • Tarandeep S.
    21/12/2020 17:44

    Total Shame and Disrespectful. 5000 will merely cover the Cost of the injuries sustained by him during this. The banks be like - We can give crores to defaulters but not to a brave aged working man!

  • Jose A.
    21/12/2020 14:16

    This is the attitude of Corporate Sector. This is what the farmers are opposing.

  • Ishita B.
    21/12/2020 13:53

    Banks will let rich ppl get away wid 5k crores fraud and reward poor ppl with only 5k for their bravery..wow !!