She Said Yes… Underwater

When it came to proposing to his girlfriend, this guy wasn't afraid to dive in. 🌊 💍

07/09/2019 4:57 AM
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  • Ankush K.
    07/09/2019 05:10

    Everything was fine untill I saw the couple's dab.

  • Freud S.
    07/09/2019 05:12

    Everything was fine until I saw the guy throwing the ring box into the sea...

  • Ismot J.
    07/09/2019 05:34


  • राज ग.
    07/09/2019 05:58

    Everything was fine until I saw he was a Manchester United supporter 🤮

  • Aftab A.
    07/09/2019 06:18

    ye lo apka scooba diving

  • Brut India
    07/09/2019 07:19

    Speaking of proposing at unusual places, this cricket fan popped the question at his favorite place:

  • Brut India
    07/09/2019 09:29

    CORRECTION: The video footage goes to Chinmaya Sharma (@scuba_chinu), check out more of his scuba diving adventures here:

  • Valerian S.
    07/10/2019 18:56

    Be8echd ne kha liya piche se niklne Wala wo

  • Ayush S.
    07/11/2019 07:15

    Aur Koi jagah Nahi Mila bokaachodaa parpose Krne k liye.

  • Swajan R.
    6 days

    Bad idea. You can't see her million dollar expressions.

  • Arkaprava S.
    3 days

    wanna try?☺️

  • Arjun K.
    a day

    ebhave propose kor

  • Shivam S.
    14 hours

    Well just wanted to ask, are there any sharks nearby??