Shiv Sena Will Deal With Tree Choppers, It Promises

While the BJP and Shiv Sena are in alliance ahead of Maharashtra’s assenbly elections, they seem to be on the opposite ends of the Aarey debate. Following the overnight felling of trees from Aarey, Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray said that his party will take care of those responsible.

08/10/2019 6:27 AM
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  • Shridhar D.
    25/10/2019 03:16

    Ab khooni Nahi bachega...or ha I am waiting for 10rs thaali also. I will try atleast onec....

  • Rohit K.
    24/10/2019 08:25

    Chal ray

  • Azhar S.
    23/10/2019 13:35

    His comments seems like the web series Dexter....if you know then u know😉

  • Manoj N.
    23/10/2019 09:08

    He is very big big big chutiya in our country 😂😂😂

  • Amol H.
    23/10/2019 08:13

    Nice jock

  • Hiraman P.
    23/10/2019 05:57

    Tu kai krnar re sarkar tr ruched yutiche ahe Baba kai bolty yach tri bhan rahu dya

  • Ajay S.
    23/10/2019 04:17

    काय सेना आहे? झांडाचा जीव गेल्यावर जाब विचारणार?

  • Gajanan K.
    22/10/2019 02:28

    Bavlat udhav

  • Arjan D.
    21/10/2019 08:31

    ખોટી પીકિનૈ દેશ નો ગદાર

  • Dinesh N.
    21/10/2019 06:48

    फक्त आंणि फक्त बोलबच्चन कृती मात्र शून्य.लाचार

  • Dinesh N.
    21/10/2019 06:45


  • Vijay L.
    21/10/2019 06:17

    Shant raha khup jhale

  • Sunil D.
    21/10/2019 05:31


  • Vijay S.
    21/10/2019 02:56


  • Vicky S.
    20/10/2019 20:08


  • Dadasaheb P.
    20/10/2019 10:44

    He is the best actor of last 5years.

  • Navneet M.
    20/10/2019 01:09

    हिन्दी भी बोला कर सब मराठी नहीं समझते है

  • Navneet M.
    19/10/2019 06:37

    ठाकरे जी हिन्दी भी बोला करे सभी को मराठी समझ में नही आती हैं आप नेता है जनता को समझ मे आना चाहिये की आप क्या कहना चाहते मैं मराठी भाषा का सम्मान करता हूं

  • भुपेश ध.
    18/10/2019 05:03

    That means all we r fool?? wht u think?? We voters & citizens r fool?????? bmc and state govt is in ur hand and u make a statement like this...??

  • Shrawan T.
    17/10/2019 15:02

    आता काय डोनाल ट्रंप च आहे का

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