Sister Of Dead PUBG User Wants Game Banned

Her brother was mad about PUBG. She was by his side when he collapsed in the middle of one game and died soon after.

06/06/2019 3:00 AM
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  • Hirah S.
    02/10/2020 11:32

    beta daikh lo 😧 plz 🙇

  • Bibin S.
    07/09/2020 17:00

    Most indian and arab players that Ive seen while logging to this game are usually toxic in all-chat. They simply abuse others and challenge other players. The terrifying truth is theyre mostly about 14-18 years and they take all these abuses seriously and dying in-game kinda feels so personal to them. They even abuse your parents and even swear to strangers which are so pathetic to hear. After all why call yourself a gamer if you cant accept the fact that “its just a game”. And if youre reading this and youve done this same thing to your fellow gamers..... your parents must be so proud of what you grew up into. 🙂

  • DrSandip S.
    20/08/2020 12:28

    Very good

  • Shah J.
    05/08/2020 14:59

    Uski maut likhi thi pubg ka kya dosh jo pubg nahi khelte woh nahi marte kya

  • Sarah S.
    03/08/2020 18:08

    Wait wt made ppl react 'haha'?? Heartless!

  • Junko M.
    03/08/2020 17:36

    Ya this game is bad for everyone but she pretends to cry it's just make up

  • Tracy T.
    02/08/2020 17:30

    What is PUBG?

  • Prasanjit D.
    02/08/2020 04:22

    Please ban PubG. It has spoilt many students career

  • Khadijah M.
    01/08/2020 15:55

    There are no tears. Suspicious!

  • Sai Y.
    01/08/2020 10:32

    She shouldn’t blame the game but her brother’s mindset..

  • K. M.
    01/08/2020 07:21

    If it is Banned many Indian boys will suicide again.. So the best Solution is parenting

  • Daniel D.
    01/08/2020 02:15

    No just take away his mobile phone and or set restrictions

  • Chris H.
    31/07/2020 14:09

    What a bunch of hewy

  • Mohd I.
    31/07/2020 10:49

    yours false...

  • Wasi A.
    31/07/2020 10:40

    Bachho koo kiyyo dette hoo phone . 1hrs doo uskee baad chiin loo . Nahi Dee , touu kaan kee nichee bajaaoo phiir chiin loo . Parents kii Galti Hain . Saad perr chadaooge touu yahi hogga n .

  • Na D.
    31/07/2020 10:39


  • Yasmin K.
    31/07/2020 10:31

    So sad 😭

  • Ayesha A.
    31/07/2020 03:04

    get some lesson my dear đŸ„Ž

  • Christine S.
    30/07/2020 17:45

    Sanjeev Centra dekha tera bhi ye hi hal hoga ban kar Pubg

  • Solvy L.
    30/07/2020 17:05

    Blame the parents allowing it...not the game.

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