• Hameed S.
    21/03/2019 11:56


  • Aliza G.
    01/01/2019 14:51

    Nothing has changed

  • Mirajul M.
    01/01/2019 13:09


  • Syed S.
    31/12/2018 23:09

    Still rapes are taking place . Now extended to minor girls.

  • Suriya C.
    31/12/2018 15:11


  • Vishal R.
    31/12/2018 12:22


  • Mohammed S.
    29/12/2018 13:13

    India is being public country

  • Mohammed S.
    29/12/2018 13:13

    That fu*** still alive what the fu**** still Government doing ????

  • Vani H.
    29/12/2018 11:32

    umeed hai ye india mai he huva hoga ........indian force is pigheaded force......f**k u indai

  • Shah B.
    29/12/2018 04:16

    India is a rapistaan

  • Nishant K.
    28/12/2018 17:30

    Nirvaya incident was framed by Media, the main propaganda is to turn the Rape law Gender Biased...

  • Gurjot S.
    28/12/2018 12:41

    Guru Gobind singh ji maharaj kine sau saal pehlan eh keh gye si shastardhari ho javo...

  • Naveen G.
    28/12/2018 05:46

    we are shame on our community...please stop rapping don't kill himself 🙏

  • Vikas J.
    28/12/2018 03:25

    Good morning

  • Yuvraj S.
    27/12/2018 18:34

    Imp. Is to make change in ourself... Especially in men. Alone girl is responsibility not an opportunity whether she's known to you or an unknown person.

  • Manish P.
    26/12/2018 20:53

    सबको बस वही लङकी नजर आती है क्योंकि वह ब्राह्मण परिवार से थी सजली की रिपोर्ट तो T.V चैनल ने दिखाई भी नही

  • Chetan N.
    26/12/2018 11:32

    Nothing has changed and nothing will change India is a land of Stupid people Barbaric religion Dirty country Illogical festivals and Unlimited riots, violence, crime

  • Sathya C.
    26/12/2018 09:43

    Biased anger. Same anger and emotions doesn't trigger for victimized girls who were from oppressed caste. Scroll down without reading it as like some regular feed.

  • ध्रुव न.
    26/12/2018 08:28

    Indians treat their women Million of men protesting for her were all indians Understood

  • Siddharth K.
    25/12/2018 11:37

    Blaming government is just an excuse the real rapist is society.