• Dhawal L.
    12/16/2018 05:06

    Absolutely nothing!!

  • Vishal S.
    12/16/2018 05:11


  • Najmul S.
    12/16/2018 05:17

    Nothing has changed,not one thing Rape and sexual assault towards women is still rampant here,latest horrifying ordeal was Asifa an eight year old raped by five men for eight days inside a temple in Jammu and Kashmir...nothing will change till we ourselves changenthe attitude towards women,every law and institution has its limits

  • Aakash B.
    12/16/2018 05:17

    I am just ashamed that my countrymen have so sick and disgusting mind or thoughts.😔

  • Vishal P.
    12/16/2018 05:18

    That mentality of the lawyer is the fuckall reason behind all the rape cases prevailing now. It was her friend's fault but it was not the fault of those who raped her??

  • Sachin V.
    12/16/2018 05:27

    Dharmic Cult

  • Vivek B.
    12/16/2018 05:29


  • HISIS -.
    12/16/2018 05:36

    The whole purpose of any religion has been to control women and deny them choices. An example of rape "culture" as it is called, from Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 6th Adhyaya 4th Brahmana https://goo.gl/cqEUQM 7. If she should not grant him his desire, he should bribe her. If she still does not grant him his desire, he should hit her with a stick or with his hand, and overcome her, saying: 'With power, with glory I take away your glory!' Thus she becomes inglorious.

  • Sathish K.
    12/16/2018 05:42

    We should have severe punishment for acts like this.unless,nothing going to change.im really ashamed of when other country people's labelling us for rapes.

  • Manoj K.
    12/16/2018 05:46

    Will 6 people's act decide how India treats its women? Shame on Brut

  • Nilanjana S.
    12/16/2018 05:55

    Burn this lawyer alive... When members from his family will get raped then he'll understand who is responsible.. How dare he is to blame the guy who was with Nirbhaya? A girl or a lady is supposed to be safe anywhere in the country irrespective of any time. If not then the mentality of these occult people has to be changed. #Shame ML Sharma.. You are not fit to be a lawyer even no matter even if you speak from the side of your clients whom you defended... You couldn't distinguish between the sufferer and the rapist. You are a slam and a slap to all the lawyers in the country. On top of that, work on your pronunciations too. #pureuneducated

  • Meera M.
    12/16/2018 06:32

    Nirbhaya is one among the many atrocities against women. Many crimes still continues...what action has been taken for the safety of women.??? The mentality of men has to change and implementing laws will not help.

  • Manisha J.
    12/16/2018 06:37

    The finest tribute to Nirbhaya comes the day we realise how significant it is to respect women on a daily basis, and we all empower women together as a society, instead of tearing each other down. Women's safety is still at the hands of the merciless and very few receive the justice they deserve, so keep this faux "tribute" to yourself, we as a nation have a long, long way to go!

  • Suravajjala V.
    12/16/2018 07:52

    Just cut off man's penis or sentence to death immediately when such thing happens. Indian laws doesnt have such guts because most of the rapists come from a strong background. They get bribed.

  • Tarique A.
    12/16/2018 08:03

    Rapist should be hang within a month, a month is enough for any type of investigation, that's the only way to stop crimes against women.

  • Amrita J.
    12/16/2018 08:41

    Manoj Kumar Avadhani such inhumane act of a juvenile will also show how India treats its women..you may also not know the pain if its any lady of your own family.

  • Vinod B.
    12/16/2018 08:48

    But Why Delhi Govt (Arvind Kejriwal) REWARED the Nibhaya's Juvenile rapist? https://youtu.be/cNb4HztLcds

  • Megha M.
    12/16/2018 08:56

    Releasing the juvenile who was the worst in the group was the biggest injustice done to the case 😡😠

  • فاطمة ح.
    12/16/2018 09:40


  • Shoaib N.
    12/16/2018 10:58

    agr dunya aj rape crime per hanging ki saza rkh deti ha to rape bht km hojyengy. approximately end