Snake It Off! Snake Crawls Under Sleeping Man's Shirt

This sleeping man doesn't know there's a snake in his shirt. 😱

27/06/2019 8:57 AM
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  • Jaswant S.
    18/12/2019 11:45

    Nice information it happened to acashier suddenly ablack spider went in his ear he rubed thought it has gone result unbearable pain. He was poor man and did not want to leave cash as he was inprocss of payments as salary. finally he was taken anear by hospital and his good luck ent sp. Was availble He sprayed liquidid parrfin and spider turned red and jumped on white coat of doctor so care is must but lack of ficlities and awrness overrule

  • Rajendra B.
    28/11/2019 18:59

    How could the snake have free access to ICU when visitors are not allowed 😀

  • DeBmItRa D.
    24/11/2019 22:23

    A very sad state....

  • Shiv R.
    22/11/2019 15:24

    Glad that the old man escaped a snake bite but seriously is this how govt hospitals are run? We are ready to pay even higher taxes but please provide us better Healthcare.

  • Salman S.
    22/11/2019 09:48

    Aisa kuch karna hai ke sath

  • Yougander R.
    22/11/2019 07:23

    That's what happens when y our country spends very little on medical care !!

  • Rohan G.
    22/11/2019 07:09

    This is the kind of sleep I wish to have. Snake went inside his shirt, snake taken out of his shirt, nothing...just sleeping. Neend aye to aisi... On a serious note ,he must have been really wonder he slept like that on the bench

  • Anand B.
    22/11/2019 07:07


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