So When Will Fuel Prices Go Down?

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said it was a "dharam sankat" when a student asked her about high petrol and diesel prices.

26/02/2021 4:27 PM
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  • Jervin A.
    04/11/2021 15:46

    Miss nirmala sitharman . 2 years pmc bank depositer r suffering. This diwali is called injustice to pmc bank depositer . I hope u have give answer to this people. N talking about RBI officer u people have no knowledge how to run this country.

  • Joseph P.
    22/10/2021 18:42

    Her own husband disagrees with her !

  • Anandasubramanian C.
    22/10/2021 18:39

    It’s a dilemma. Whether to benefit the citizens or build central vista.

  • Sadasiva S.
    22/10/2021 18:04

    Ye mehengai ki dahin he

  • Siddhartha B.
    22/10/2021 15:13

    In short : Tum jano ka karna hai

  • Akshay K.
    22/10/2021 14:41

    She was very casual as it was a joke

  • Yasəə Y.
    22/10/2021 14:35

    I know until we all dead.. They will increase 30p/ ltr

  • Sahil M.
    22/10/2021 14:29

    Irony is some people are still justifying hike in prices ...

  • DrDaniel B.
    22/10/2021 14:10

    she doesn't use petrol so no use of asking

  • NiRanjan J.
    22/10/2021 13:46

    Sabse nakara na kamiyab minister... They don't even ans for their people... Why the people voted for this govt.. now time to think it's over man u can't behave like this towards our country..

  • Sahaj S.
    22/10/2021 12:16


  • Ritika C.
    22/10/2021 11:47

    What an unprofessional finance minister fucking drama queen wtf

  • Prince E.
    22/10/2021 10:21

    Her answer is still like " Mai pyaz ni khati" in terms of petrol "I don't care, tmhari gaadi tm jaano" 😎✌️

  • Prajwal A.
    22/10/2021 09:52

    It won't happen ever.. unless other party come into power and loot 50000 crores ... To cover up eyes they make reduce fuel price .. But all other daily essentials go high .. Why is it always fuel .. cooking oil is fucking 150 !!

  • Jaikala G.
    22/10/2021 09:12

    Still the question is unanswered. When will the fuel prcome down?

  • Dipak B.
    22/10/2021 08:13

    Ma'am apke paas bakwaas karne ke liye bahut time hai. Lekin aam janata ki pant to khul hi gayi hai ab chaddi v khul jayegi. And I know you all are waiting for that, so that you can sell those chaddis and make money. Ashamed of this govt.

  • Sonam S.
    22/10/2021 06:54

    I understand the outrage etc, she’s unfit and blah blah blah.. but remember we the people are the ones who put people in power and no matter what the govt. thinks of us we are not stupid. I mean most of us. Citizens we need a change and we need everybody onboard so uneducated apes can’t tell the educated masses why we are wrong on facts.

  • Peter P.
    22/10/2021 05:56

    Dear PMO India Narendra Modi Sir and Ministry of Finance, Government of India Nirmala Sitharaman Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India Rajnath Singh Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India Dharmendra Pradhan ONGC Limited Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Reliance Petroleum Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited President of India Vice President of India we are 🙏 to requesting so many days to convert to the because there your Government and government looting the public 🙄 it's not fair to the you are government or any other government please react as soon as possible in other ways it will be impact to the next election your pls Try to understand Sir its requesting so many days

  • Tushar K.
    22/10/2021 05:50

    She is that one school teacher who was arrogant, a teacher who didn't give fuck abt student issues and just complete her lessons and leave. I hate her

  • Yesu R.
    22/10/2021 05:36

    Only way to reduce fuel hike is boycott BJP and modi government

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