• رضوانة ن.
    10 hours

    Nonsense! Soon they will witness their downfall!

  • Azlaan N.
    10 hours

    Truly beautiful. As a Pakistani, I am so so proud and inspired of the Indian state who legalised same sex relationships. I hope one day the whole world will be on the same page on human rights.

  • Shabnam P.
    11 hours

    A feeling or attraction for for girl or a boy or for both I guess it's quite organic we can't help it instead we should listen to our heart and and move on and accept it with open arms ❤️

  • Sead A.
    12 hours

    😈 devil

  • Shobaa S.
    14 hours

    Just hurt the parents.not fair. Disrespect the community.both girls are preety. Same poles will repell

  • Shobaa S.
    14 hours

    Not practical .sorry.

  • A.f. R.
    14 hours


  • Vicky K.
    14 hours

    Panipuri se pata li.

  • Seiichi Y.
    14 hours

    A lesbian story??

  • Sai R.
    15 hours

    If u love each other then why do you want to show it publically prachar and all.. we are not interested in knowing about your relationship and all.. 🙏

  • Bijwaram N.
    15 hours

    When ur happy just don't bothers about others.

  • Bincy J.
    15 hours

    Bloody sick girls

  • Suma K.
    18 hours

    Horrible relashionship. 😱

  • Amala A.
    21 hours

    It's awesome stop judging them. They are very happy

  • Nirushi P.
    a day


  • Saqib K.
    a day

    I have never seen a male dog fucking a male dog or vice versa if you go against nature things will get from bad to worse

  • Anitha R.
    a day

    Took an entire day .......😳

  • Malisha K.
    a day

    The sin of the sodho.c0mera has spread all over the world. Animals are better than you. It knows what its pair is. A male animal mate with a female animal. Six things that leave the world canon of the human race to spoil the World knowledge And does ... thooooooo

  • Jennifer E.
    a day

    We should not think what our ancestors thought because past is history and history repeats and history is politics. "Live in present" and do whatever makes you happy. Because the society does not feed you when you have no money. Our present is a gift accept the way it is and be happy..

  • Jasminé W.
    a day

    God bless you both of you are wonderful Sweet I love you both