Student Activists Turned Politicians

As student protests take a bloody turn around the country, here are 4 Indian politicians who got to the top because of mass movements.

19/12/2019 5:29 AM
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  • Dinesh M.
    22/12/2019 17:41

    Fugitive's looted banks of India now they are enjoying dual citizenship Nirav Modi ,(PNB fraud case).... comes under NRC or which ...........category........2)......Vijay randwa Vittal Mallya ..presently in uk, 3)....Mehul Chinubhai Choksi is an Indian-born fugitive businessman, residing in Antigua and Barbuda,

  • BT P.
    21/12/2019 04:18

    There is no place for such kind of people in present protest against injustice. Those people did mass movements only to join politics and get benefitted from it, not at all concerned for justice

  • Sanjeev S.
    21/12/2019 03:14

    145 poor people died in bank q for note exchange But he had no regrets

  • Dimple H.
    20/12/2019 20:08


  • Saurabh S.
    20/12/2019 15:19

    Haan bas 4 hi jayenge age, baki ka kya? Aur un char mein se 2 ko ticket milega aur Modi ke hote dono ki zamant zapt ho jayegi, to bhai padhayi kar lo.

  • Vinesh V.
    20/12/2019 09:31

    Don't Generalise one particular scenario

  • Bharat B.
    20/12/2019 04:18

    Guys opposing it please read the bill first or see this :

  • Shivaling S.
    20/12/2019 01:40

    Page admins are brainless or what?? Dont behave like a**hole ? Compare apple with apple not with dragon

  • Shoheil R.
    19/12/2019 20:08

    We oppose NRC and CAB, stupid leaders are not the country they are virus of the country...Vande maatharam ... proud indian

  • Conficius K.
    19/12/2019 18:38

    They may be heroes but not inspiring as the party they've associated with have destroyed their images and murdered the unique and ethnic diversity of India.

  • Brut India
    19/12/2019 17:58

    The Navnirman Movement was Narendra Modi’s first encounter with mass protest.

  • Raingam Y.
    19/12/2019 15:49

    Congress or bgp all i wan is absolute democracy

  • Sanjeev S.
    19/12/2019 15:22

    Except supporting pm did nothing

  • Dinesh M.
    19/12/2019 08:52

    Next upcoming leader kanhaiya kumar , he jailed and got bailed against famous slogans on peace ....we need azadi for casteism , racism and safety for minorities.

  • Adv A.
    19/12/2019 08:01

    Dangai hi aaj shanti ka paath padha rahe hai 😂

  • Bashir M.
    19/12/2019 07:59

    How did this man die soon after he kept away from election. I do not suspect? You

  • Anuradha K.
    19/12/2019 07:26

    mind-blowing .

  • Ak A.
    19/12/2019 06:52

    Irrespective of Male/Female/Majority/Minorities/Juvenile/Adults /Caste/Religion 1) Shoot in their knees OR at least Break their knees for next 5 years "Irresponsible People" should not be able to participate again 2) At least for next 5 coming years this Idiots would not be able to Run/Walk/Damage Indias Intellectual Property It takes Money + Time + Man Power Efforts from government to Rebuild! 3) If they still wish to damage they will think ten thousand times 4) By default India 🇮🇳 will grow + less harm to Intellectual Property + Government again rebuilt the same 5) Rape = Hang till death/Shoot in front of Public so that people can see what are the results with face of that person Juvenile + Adult applicable to both 5) "Kanhaiya Kumar" should be shot by someone in Public itself - No credibility - Besharam - Begairaat person - China + Pakistan must have paid crores to him in cash so that he don't get entry in bank accounts - Dogs like him won't be able to bark 6) People found damaging Intellectual Property in India "Shoot @ Sight" without any mercy in your eye's No one is allowed to damage Intellectual Property! 7) People who don't belong to India are the biggest threats Shall be removed from India as earliest as it is possible 8) More & More Hindus in India, More strong India would be Only Solution left! 9) Hindus have never supported Hindus that is the biggest problem Support Hindus to save YOURSELF! Live Peacefully, Else leave India. Russia, Saudi Arabia other countries shoot at sight/throw stones until person dies JFYI

  • Manisha K.
    19/12/2019 06:51

  • Siddharth S.
    19/12/2019 06:33

    modi could have been on this list too but one has to be a student first

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