Students Perform Dangerous Stunts On Train

These kids got into trouble after a video of them performing stunts on a moving train went viral. 🚊😱

01/03/2019 5:06 AM
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  • Saksham J.
    04/03/2019 14:47


  • Noel L.
    04/03/2019 13:35

    Please send them all to INDO PAKISTAN Border

  • Raghul R.
    03/03/2019 13:28

    This is why we need more asylum

  • Nachiketh S.
    03/03/2019 10:04

    So cool..

  • Shagufta S.
    03/03/2019 06:23

    Give severe punishment not to repeat

  • Ram
    03/03/2019 05:31

    Old video., They are not school kids., they are diploma college 🎓 students.

  • Urvashi M.
    02/03/2019 18:31

    Shem shem

  • Zahur
    02/03/2019 15:45

    Engineering students 😂😂

  • Aditya P.
    02/03/2019 06:16

    bantai ki public!😂

  • Ambu N.
    02/03/2019 05:06

    Wasted sperms

  • Rahul G.
    01/03/2019 18:51

    How many of you watching this video in HD but it's looks ugly

  • Brut India
    01/03/2019 16:56

    These students aren't the only ones to take risks on the rails.

  • Harry P.
    01/03/2019 16:37

    Regardless,how old and how bold this crap is, Now years later, as a parent, does it make you happy and thrills you to see these idiotic stunts. Now that you have become parents, how do you feel about your kids trying out these stunts. One does not know the grief of parents who has lost their son/daughter to such stupid, idiotic stunts.

  • Samar P.
    01/03/2019 15:42

    Welcome to mumbai

  • Sarojini P.
    01/03/2019 15:15


  • Yatendra S.
    01/03/2019 13:50

    train surfing

  • Jeevan P.
    01/03/2019 12:07


  • Kamal S.
    01/03/2019 11:13

    Send them at borders

  • Gopisankar
    01/03/2019 10:59

    This is just a form of adventure sports like automobile racing, parkour on building tops, mountain climbing, wingsuit jumping, surfing etc. Just teenage things.

  • Babu A.
    01/03/2019 09:44

    Even I use to do stunts like DAT in childhood , it may be an enjoyment but ur leg will get hurt then only ull get to know

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