Supriya Sule's History Lesson To Tejasvi Surya

BJP’s Tejasvi Surya trashed the Congress party’s “dynasty” politics. Then, NCP’s Supriya Sule reminded him where he came from.

14/02/2022 5:09 PM
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  • Sudheer K.
    09/04/2022 07:03

    A progeny taking after the career of his parents is a common thing, across the world, be it a farmer, teacher, mechanic, lawyer doctor, politician , actor any profession.. but here the entire family which is unqualified n untalented, still bragging on the throne without, letting other skilled n eligible candidates in the party to take over the charge.. wat is it other than dynasty ..

  • Krishna Y.
    12/03/2022 16:15

    From which planet,This Gentleman came?

  • Kanti K.
    12/03/2022 12:38

    Government is corrupted:manipulate in to their own benefit(world is gone bad to worst)

  • Chiru N.
    26/02/2022 14:27

    Brut, spread as much hate as you want, the rise of the non-left has begun. The intellect space will now taken over by eminent personalities like Anand Ranganathan, Meenakshi Jain, J Sai Deepak, Vikram Sampath, Sanjeev Sanyal, and the likes.

  • Piya B.
    26/02/2022 10:58

    Moo has permitted Reliance and Adani to send all of India's money for investment outside. The end! 😂😂

  • Srinivasa S.
    26/02/2022 10:33

    You're right madam

  • Md M.
    26/02/2022 07:37

    Eh Surya kis school aur collage se padha h woh BJP ne banaya tha kya, aise log jeet kyse jaty hai, jinko jhut bolne keh ilawa kch nhi aya

  • Madhu G.
    26/02/2022 07:33

    big iron rod

  • Firdush A.
    26/02/2022 06:21

    Iss bacche ko koi dudu pilao.. kahase aagyaa parliament me.. khoo gya hoga shayad kisike hatho see.. yeh bol raha hai ki India me unemployment nehi hai.. areyy bap k paiso me jine wale baccho.. jara bahar nikal k dekho kitne log mar rahe hai bukhe nangge..

  • Sanjay G.
    26/02/2022 04:31

    Ms Supriya Sule taught this so called firebrand youngster a few important lessons in genealogy, history, economics and politics! Just making fiery speeches without getting the facts right does not a good leader make! Bravo Ms Sule, I don't have any political affiliations but just for the sake of debate I loved the way you put the upstart on the mat!

  • Rangesh D.
    26/02/2022 01:57

    Educated as Uneducated example MP jr...

  • Sudarsan R.
    25/02/2022 21:58

    BJP ka Hero

  • Nana K.
    25/02/2022 21:29


  • Schand B.
    25/02/2022 21:10

    Only useless bajan modi modi doing useless speeches

  • Schand B.
    25/02/2022 21:10

    My bee like 🐕 similarly Tejaswi sury haaaa

  • Schand B.
    25/02/2022 21:09

    Gandu harame

  • Schand B.
    25/02/2022 21:08

    Who is this idiot gentle man

  • Syedtabrez S.
    25/02/2022 19:56

    E gube gaandu tejasvi suvar he muti mukha Tika aenu gutthilla e gaandu he ministar seet

  • Harish W.
    25/02/2022 17:19

    Educated Andh Bhakt

  • Shubham R.
    25/02/2022 16:27

    Sahi dhoya isko inki adat hogyi h jhut bolo to itna chillake aur confidence se bolo ki wo sach lage

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