Surprise Prediction By Prashant Kishor

This is how long Prashant Kishore thinks the BJP will rule India... Thanks to Darjeeling, and beyond. for the footage.

29/10/2021 6:27 PM
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  • John P.
    a day

    North Indians are outsiders called as Aryans(originated from Iran). South India should kick them out. This is our land!!💪

  • Sreeshankar K.
    09/05/2022 09:29

    The comments section proves his analysis 🤦 people just see things in black and white while missing the grey, where everything lies. The marketing strategy of BJP is better than most top brands. It's not easy to beat them with the current outlook of the opposition.

  • Amirishetti S.
    08/05/2022 08:44

    Congress must hire him

  • Israrul H.
    03/05/2022 05:07

    Then why he PK is planning to launch his party. If he has so much praise for BJP why is he not joining it.?

  • Binu D.
    02/05/2022 19:12

    Ye Modern Kothiwali hain 😁 PK

  • Deyasini C.
    02/05/2022 13:15

    Kishor knows the real reason hence when he does strategy its divisive on religious grounds like in West Bengal

  • Yashpal S.
    02/05/2022 12:31

    Sasta Ben Shapiro 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sangeerth R.
    01/05/2022 17:10

    Son of a bitch

  • Muhammed A.
    01/05/2022 06:11

    Congress leaders are AC compartment leaders, to route modi from India you have to be on streets and willing to do dharma or power shows, win state elections, fix bureaucracy in your favor, fix judiciary, fix election commission.. .... but congress is in vacation mode... . So nothing will change in india till Modi goes and upsets some western power. Till then enjoy indians can enjoy his india for sale activites

  • Veerendra S.
    01/05/2022 04:29

    Abe ye Prashant ha chodna main....lundura

  • Keval K.
    01/05/2022 02:39

    Real desh bhakts are in minority Feku desh bhakt are in majority.

  • Allwin A.
    30/04/2022 17:48

    Chor aur joote...

  • Israrul H.
    30/04/2022 14:52

    How you were able to defeat him on Bengal,if he is such an indominatble

  • Arshi A.
    30/04/2022 14:01

    We r used to hear lies and it sounds sooo good … All have received 5 lakhs in their account and every time 20000 or 300000 crores are distributed and this sounds so nice and such lies are said so comfortably and we like that simple.

  • Dhrumil B.
    30/04/2022 09:39

    100 percent jitne wali partys ki jeet sunishchit karte hai bhusan ji

  • Amit B.
    30/04/2022 01:17

    Politicians can never be trusted

  • Mohammed A.
    30/04/2022 00:48

    Where higher education ratio is 27.1 percent and educated class are being called urban naxals and etc etc,there it would not be a wonder if bjp rule next 15yrs constantly on gobar support,till it to become Sri Lanka

  • Ijaaz K.
    30/04/2022 00:40

    Only 60 to 70 % ppl vote in any election...if you polarise the minority 20%, all u have to do is get the 25 to 30% from the remaining 50%..our uneducated and unemployed youth who are brainwashed by politicians will happily vote for hatred....nothing rocket science in this...yes , 1 thing he said is true...these guys aren't going anywhere for the next few decades...congress wont be back in most of our lifetimes now.😁🤔

  • Sandeep N.
    29/04/2022 15:18

    Another product of “ a confused sperm”.

  • Radhakrishnan R.
    29/04/2022 14:23

    At least he’s telling the Truth

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