Suvendu Adhikari Jumps Ship From TMC To BJP

"Suvendu, if you have self-respect, you will not stay on in TMC." Party heavyweight Suvendu Adhikari left the Trinamool Congress for the BJP, giving them a prominent Bengali face for the upcoming assembly elections. Could it come in the way of Mamata Banerjee's attempt for a third term?

21/12/2020 5:46 PM
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  • Bhadury S.
    30/12/2020 02:28

    Bangla se har Sona loot lenge.....

  • Satish C.
    27/12/2020 09:05

    He should be punished.

  • Premchand N.
    26/12/2020 10:29

    Give BJP a chance to destroy Bengal.. and sell the nation completely..

  • Madhava N.
    26/12/2020 00:24

    Brut is brutally CONg

  • Sankaranarayanan R.
    25/12/2020 22:27


  • Jakir M.
    25/12/2020 16:28

    Randir bata

  • Robin S.
    24/12/2020 23:52


  • Neelanjan P.
    24/12/2020 16:41

    Mamata deserves no right to be in government

  • Durga P.
    24/12/2020 08:52

    Already indian given chance to modi what happened he capasized the smooth flowing boat

  • Shreya M.
    24/12/2020 06:47

    After enjoying all the privileges of TMC, he joined BJP. He is a person without any principles.

  • Raja J.
    24/12/2020 03:45

    Gujratis will rule Bengal😄😄😄😄

  • Ayan K.
    23/12/2020 15:24

    Gaarn e laath maartei hbe .

  • Gargi G.
    23/12/2020 10:26


  • Aamir M.
    23/12/2020 09:43

    Modi n amit shah r bloody roits conspirators n murder accused resp.

  • Yaksh V.
    23/12/2020 04:41

    Bengal condition is so bad, lots of Bangladeshi infiltration, poverty, scams, Power need to be change asap.

  • Afzal S.
    23/12/2020 00:29

    Politicians n self respect do not go in the same sentence

  • Eleanora M.
    22/12/2020 15:04

    We really don't want BJP in Bengal.. we will become unsafe if they come in.. Mamta Banerjee is managing efficiently.. No restrictions of any kind be it religious or anything... We common people are suffering due to such rise in prices because of this BJP .. Just No

  • Tombing T.
    22/12/2020 13:03

    Shame! Shame! Sold out souls and law makers merchant, the Tadipaar!

  • Soumen S.
    22/12/2020 12:09

    Vikkha chaiche moka do. ...😂😂😂

  • VR P.
    22/12/2020 11:31

    BJP is not a choise ,it is a reality ,accept it .😓

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