Tap At A Time, This Good Samaritan Fixes Leaks

One of the main reasons for water shortages in India are leaks. So this man took it upon himself to fix it, one tap at a time.💧

24/06/2019 5:04 AM
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  • Ajitha C.
    10/12/2019 09:50

    Thank u Sir....

  • Seema P.
    28/11/2019 15:15

    Great appreciative work,sir.👏

  • Souvik B.
    27/11/2019 15:47


  • David D.
    26/11/2019 06:42

    We must train ourselves and others to repair taps because I searched for 10 days to repair the tap.

  • Tyagi S.
    26/11/2019 05:34

    Hands off Sir

  • Megha P.
    25/11/2019 17:24

    I salut sir

  • Kunjappa S.
    25/11/2019 14:58

    A great human service hats off.

  • Georgy R.
    25/11/2019 14:21

    Great job sir.... Off topic... Has anyone seen charlie and the chocolate factory?....this man looks exactly like the boys grandpa in the film...

  • Fazil A.
    25/11/2019 12:22

    Classic example of a genuine human being

  • Raju T.
    25/11/2019 09:45

    A standing ovation n a salute to this uncle

  • Ammad A.
    25/11/2019 08:09

    Great work 👍😊

  • Divya B.
    25/11/2019 07:59

    It's not just leaks, people waste water on daily basis for hours while filling their tanks...they simply can't install a 250rs alarm system.!! Why only govt has to do everything??? Don't we have our own responsibility?

  • Anna M.
    25/11/2019 07:12

    Great endeavor. Many can't afford to get a plumber in so the problem persists

  • Mehar T.
    25/11/2019 07:09

    Mumtaz ahmed

  • Varun G.
    25/11/2019 07:07

    True... He is an indeed loyal human being against nature earth. Solute to his kind work.

  • Subhankar S.
    25/11/2019 07:02

    Help this guy's story become viral guys

  • Sasha K.
    25/11/2019 06:56


  • Prabal B.
    25/11/2019 06:29

    Not a warrior but a hero..

  • Samreen F.
    25/11/2019 06:28

    I used to go personallly to my neighbors house to make them switch off the motor when I heard the water overflowing through the water tank 🙄

  • Akanksha T.
    25/11/2019 06:12

    Motivating sir

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