Teacher’s Violence Against Student Captured On Video

Corporal punishment in schools is illegal in India. So why does this keep happening again and again? TW: Some distressing visuals.

15/10/2021 6:12 PMupdated: 15/10/2021 6:13 PM
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  • Ansh T.
    20/11/2021 21:04

    We had a teacher in school who would beat small children like this regularly almost. It was literally her method of teaching. Funnily she was considered an asset by the principal and management. Obviously now we realize that those who were principals etc were also just as equally ill educated as the lady in question so no better results could be expected. But this low class behaviour is prevalent in schools which propogate and thrive on a culture of authoritarianism and status. They try to win ove the respect from the children by being borderline aggressive and abusive towards the children. And its sadder because children don’t have a choice are vulnerable and impressionable and learn to accept authority from nobody’s. Constant aggression domination and atmosphere of fear numbs the creative potential of hypersensitive and vulnerable children. Kids go to school to unleash creativity, not for indoctrination and a brand name association. But its all construed now like an elite clique. It would make 100% sense because literally most of the teachers in the school although school was considered an elite school were in terms of their teaching skills as well as knowledge (which are things that actually do matter) were actually absolutely garbage. For example I remember geography teacher in 8th grade couldn’t tell me why the sun was a ball of gases but managed to stay together. Errr… gravity lady?? Dunno how they hired such people. Lol I just cant for the life of me respect or take seriously the status hungry slags 😂 apart from that they do this business of taking the credit for all your personal talent and hardwork. I used to have poor attendance and used to have great writing skills, but everybody wanted to take credit, well it was because i was reading a lot of complex novels and watching western movies at home, nothing happened cz i came to class, I learned nothing in class/school. So much for the “school layed the foundation for our success… bla bla bla”. , bullshit , i layed the foundation for my success by not going to class and spending my time reading novels and doing what i felt like

  • A V.
    20/10/2021 02:31

    I don't care what teachers feel here! But SOME teachers are absolute frustrated [email protected] There should be cameras in each class room or else this will continue forever.

  • Anil T.
    20/10/2021 00:28

    The teachers need to get kick up their arse for doing this… Saddist people who find pleasure should be banned.

  • Nileon J.
    19/10/2021 19:25

    This is nothing compared what we faced in school days.

  • Santosh G.
    18/10/2021 15:17

    Brutal treatment often creates brutal people. Children who are beaten may initially or permanently go into a shell and their growth into adulthood and their lives may be permanently scarred or they themselves are very likely to mete out brutal treatment to others, venting out anger and frustration trapped within them.

  • Yash S.
    18/10/2021 06:56

    The guy closest to the camera though..."heartless"

  • Abhishek D.
    17/10/2021 23:59

    How is today's teacher,,,, the same today's students,,,,,,, same,,,,,,,,

  • Nirri G.
    17/10/2021 16:17

    That teacher needs to be taught a lesson by an adult who will boot the daylights out of him .hitting a student the way he did is not acceptable.

  • Elsie K.
    17/10/2021 15:55

    He cant be a teacher by choice as we teachers love our students so much

  • Aditya B.
    17/10/2021 15:26

    If they could face jail then,every fucking teacher in my school where I studied should be in jail...

  • Ram K.
    17/10/2021 15:07


  • Ganapati B.
    17/10/2021 14:42

    They should be charge sheeted under pocso act.

  • Peter A.
    17/10/2021 13:30

    Also corporal attacks on teachers should be banned

  • Priya J.
    17/10/2021 13:24

    He has been arrested ..Staying in jail now..Nandanar school, chidambaram ,TN

  • Rishav K.
    17/10/2021 08:23

    😈 Highly condemnable incident in T.N.Just because a Hindu student refused to remove rudraksha mala from neck and vibhuti from forehead,according to mother of student,see how brutally a teacher has beaten and kicked him in Anderson(Missionary) School,Kanchipuram.Criminal case should be booked against the teacher. (According as per information)

  • Ramrajkumar M.
    17/10/2021 07:41

    I never liked School, not just teachers even they don't look up after bullying by other students.

  • Shahi J.
    17/10/2021 07:39

    dude is it still practice in school in TN?. Here if it's practice, the teacher won't see tomorrow

  • Sadaf J.
    17/10/2021 06:11

    Teacher's can be strict but they can't punish the students so brutally. They just take out their anger and frustration on them. It's not right. Hope the school takes some action

  • Ca R.
    17/10/2021 05:58

    Should kick the teachers ass n let him know how it feels.😎

  • Ruby M.
    17/10/2021 04:46

    Need to be fired

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