• Jyotsana J.
    10/09/2021 17:54

    Hindustan Jindabad tha he aur rahega Jai Hind

  • Chiranjiv D.
    10/06/2021 03:22

    Sirf tv pe sham ko aakar lecture dene se thodi na economy aur virus theek hoga

  • Amit S.
    30/01/2021 03:35

    How does the Egg-on-your-face feels like now.. That's what happens when you carry expert pieces from experts like .. :D :D

  • Padmini R.
    29/09/2020 13:16

    Ur party is equally responsible if not more

  • Sher S.
    27/09/2020 13:53

    Thank God congress is out of power,otherwise there would have been crores of deaths.

  • Jagadeesh M.
    27/09/2020 10:14

    Write book through your good English language

  • Naresh K.
    27/09/2020 00:12

    It’s not India GDP getting down , whole world is suffering . Wuhan virus or biology weapon god knows

  • Singh A.
    26/09/2020 13:57

    Don't forget the same party he belongs to has an another Alphabet of scams😂😂😂...

  • Jaswant S.
    26/09/2020 12:47

    In between corona crisis he is celebrating his birth day imean Howedy. Why mr Throor is so much worried he will make everbody thirsty and hungry with more dance. 2 ctore more jobs. Big advocate could not come near them and even x cji has to go go. Common man has been cheated. But in usa pentagon said they have nothing to do with e.results. As regards ecnomy chaiwale keep small gala.

  • Ankit B.
    26/09/2020 05:15

    If Congress would have been in power the poor would have suffered more without Jan dhan account,adhaar-jan dhan account and without effective utilisation of PDS system.

  • Debanjana B.
    25/09/2020 20:25

    Shashi Tharoor is dacoit and killer, I wish Pushkar stabbed him that day we could know the truth of khangressi scam

  • Shivani C.
    25/09/2020 19:47


  • Nirmallya B.
    25/09/2020 16:38

    If People don't violet the rules then ok ! And if people violets the rules then the blame goes to Modi Government ! Wah ! Logic? Such a country I am living ! All citizens must be always ready to develop and prosper there country but not to destroy and and after doing wrong dids blame the government !

  • Lokesh S.
    25/09/2020 13:54

    Where is mask mr. "So called intellectual.."

  • Damandeep S.
    25/09/2020 13:15

    Vidhi Gupta actually tum gobbar bhakton ko smjh toh aayega ni ky bol ra h

  • Kosar B.
    25/09/2020 11:20

    Was he in hibernation so far and suddenly found out the world has changed or rather his world has changed.

  • Sathish K.
    25/09/2020 11:19

    What do the damn fpools who still support ths govt have to say? "WE HAVE 3 OCEANS SURROUNFING OUR COUNTRY, LET'S JUMPINTO IT"?...BJ Peee

  • Shreya K.
    25/09/2020 08:13


  • Sudev T.
    25/09/2020 07:33

    Talks as if, his party was in power things would have been much better whereas we have seen their rule for past several decade... Except for polished English nothing.

  • Aloysius D.
    25/09/2020 07:19

    Consult the experienced persons in every field and then proceed.

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