The CPI(M) MP Who Was Praised By Vice-President

"Dr. Ambedkar will turn in his grave on seeing how judicial appointments are made." This MP's debut Parliament speech is a must-watch.

21/12/2021 1:56 PMupdated: 22/12/2021 1:56 AM
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  • Adv C.
    3 days

    Britas has eloquently unmasked the not so attractive facet of the judiciary at the higher levels. Let us try to address the issue instead of rubbishing the words of Mr. Britas.Even sans Reservation we can think of a some what balanced representation for the different segments so that such criticisms can be obviated.The principles of Social justice is not to be thrashed away with abusive phrases, but it should be our effort to understand the same with tolerance and reconcile with it until the marginalised segments get integrated into the main streams of indian power structure to reasonable levels. The voices raised to stifle the speech of Britas serves ill for national integration Ad Vidyasagar. C. K

  • Balaji I.
    19/01/2022 13:40

    Why not a single ST/SC community member became a Politbeuro member since 1941 till now? Britas should answer this first.

  • Rajesh K.
    10/01/2022 15:41


  • Kavin A.
    03/01/2022 10:37

    Its right time to get " One Nation One Law" so that No caste No religion politics......

  • Kavin A.
    03/01/2022 10:35

    He's talking about religion here also...... So it's right time to get "One Nation One Law" No caste No religion......

  • Swagata B.
    30/12/2021 11:07

    You remove the caste system , everything will fall into place . When a man is born poor has atleast has a chance to become rich , but a man born in his caste will remain in the same caste till his death . People are divided for political gains in the name of caste and religion . Reservations shall be on the basis of financial conditions of the person not on the basis of caste or creed . I hope this ends soon . Judges shall be appointed on their merits

  • Aj K.
    30/12/2021 03:17

    How boldly he has spoken sir

  • Kennady M.
    28/12/2021 14:16

    Good speech

  • Pushpa B.
    28/12/2021 14:05

    Vishal jha yes it's true in judges appointment by interfere of Govt.

  • Jamie T.
    28/12/2021 13:16

    Yaha bhi Nepotism 😒

  • Suman G.
    28/12/2021 12:51

    Only left can save India.

  • Shobhit S.
    28/12/2021 12:03

    So because of the name of Diversity they want Reservation in every field.

  • Aman T.
    28/12/2021 11:53

    Fact bro

  • Shantanu S.
    28/12/2021 11:26

    He was educationist and scholar yet congress called him Bhim Rao were as a failed graduate like Nehru was called Panditji

  • Sri R.
    28/12/2021 10:22

    When you support reservation system and people come out with the low qualifying talent how can u expect the same.. However this is half cooked news .. As per his stats it's just less than 30% how about the remaining 70+% judges?? Why are u crying about something which is not in majority?? don't treat readers with ur brutal feed..

  • Shatendra Y.
    28/12/2021 09:09

    Because it's giving way to the govt to implement it's thought,but in its own favour

  • Manjesha M.
    28/12/2021 08:23

    Absolutely despicable speech at the core. Jidiciary was given independence with a purpose. Using it to target Hindus especially Brahmins is deplorable... While I support his pointing towards possible dynasticism and nepotism, forcing diversity for the sake diversity is anti-intellectualism. Unacceptable!

  • Guru R.
    28/12/2021 07:37

    Correct bharath Goal remove all Brahman community in all region in all sectors గో బ్రాహ్మణేబ్యో శుభమస్థు నిత్యం లోకాసమస్త సుఖినోభవంతు This is veda If there is no cows no brahmanis how loka happiness Thaths y people always struggle in all sectors

  • Suresh K.
    28/12/2021 06:47

    Why this obsession with caste politics? Agree on process and dynasties in judge appointments, they should be appointed on merit certainly not on caste or religion basis

  • Naveen K.
    28/12/2021 02:46

    When will India get the talented Bill as no there's one country one secular one nation one law we need one eligible to get the right post rather then caste reservations quota...

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