The Curious Case Of A Beggar’s Wealth

Municipal officials in J&K rehabilitated a homeless woman. Then they found her hidden wealth. 😲

12/06/2021 2:57 AM
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  • Beejo W.
    15/06/2021 13:35


  • Bratati M.
    15/06/2021 05:42

    Give it back to her!!! It's Her money... Her savings... If you have enough guts, catch those real thieves who are robbing an entire nation openly... in the name of serving it!

  • Hashim A.
    15/06/2021 05:10

    Hamare ilake me v ek baar aisa hua tha....

  • Paul Y.
    15/06/2021 04:36

    What's the big deal? Why making a fuss over her savings? This people are seriously disgusting, it's not like she stole it.. did she?

  • Mahesh K.
    15/06/2021 02:59

    Please don’t revel this there are worst creatures who steal from these people also

  • Peter H.
    14/06/2021 17:24

    How much money did she collected and what did they do with this money

  • Harshal B.
    13/06/2021 17:32

    She may have save that money for long time that belong to her , she is not the criminal give her money back. 😡😡

  • Sheikh B.
    13/06/2021 14:53

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  • Sofi A.
    13/06/2021 13:03

    Give back her whole money, she has her own, not a theft one like crores, millions by beurocrats.

  • Dadul L.
    13/06/2021 07:59

    It’s her hard earned money sad reality

  • Madhuri P.
    13/06/2021 05:39

    Why don't you guys catch some politician home..

  • Mehfooz K.
    13/06/2021 05:01

    ye hoti hai kamai..!!

  • Rida A.
    13/06/2021 04:45

    It's her money !!! Why you all have to do this ? Seriously you all have nothing better to do ?! Go after politicians not her.. she is harmless ! She begged every second of her life ! Have some compassion you fools.

  • Kamala S.
    13/06/2021 04:13

    That's her savings. Go catch the real criminals and corrupt politicians

  • Sakshi Z.
    13/06/2021 04:01

    Really where is 68 years of life and where are those 2.some lakhs? Funny that ,,,,that got there attention rather she being homeless

  • LS P.
    13/06/2021 03:31

    Me Holding iphone with 50 rupee in my pocket but, she begging and earned more than 2 lakhs.damn that modern scams.

  • Tenzing G.
    12/06/2021 19:20

    Whatever the amount,she didn't earn it in a day or so. Have some respect for the lady,it's her desperation to beg

  • Mercia R.
    12/06/2021 18:31

    2.5 lakh at the age of 65 is not a "fortune". It's not even a flat. Nor a degree or a decent career with medical coverage or substantial collateral for a home loan.

  • Angel J.
    12/06/2021 18:24

    Join the chat⬇⬇⬇👇

  • Madhuparna G.
    12/06/2021 17:41

    Each individual has the right to a life of dignity...if you can't give an old lady a dignified life dont eye how she saved.....shame fir a nation that a woman has to beg for 30 years to be rescued....not before that...