The Dilemma Of A #MeToo Bystander

This Delhi resident knew the horrifying details of his friend being sexually abused by her employer but felt helpless to stop it — a phenomenon sociologists call the ‘bystander effect’. He told Brut India what happened and how he struggled to grapple with it.

16/10/2018 1:33 AM
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  • Chitra K.
    03/11/2018 16:10

    Who s that Badu???? Let's leave an heated iron rod inside his ass hole and do it what he does with his..... Let's cut his genitals slowly inch by inch and put some chilli powdrs to cure it. This is really not enoigh

  • Åbhijeet V.
    03/11/2018 09:23

    I have quit 2-3 jobs just because the boss was ill mouthed or I felt the value of my self respect more than the income, I went through hardships because I decided not to sell my self respect in exchange of salary. Asking for sexual favours for job retention is inhumane but staying silent and accepting shit for a job is also not acceptable.

  • DrAishwarya S.
    28/10/2018 16:22

    If it was his sister won't he intervene??

  • Siddhant D.
    28/10/2018 06:21

    He's a pussy ...jhaat barabar insaan

  • Akhil J.
    27/10/2018 07:30

    See situations hv different viewing angles..i hv seen ppl react to these kind of situations and girl tk the side of for many ppl reason who dont react to any abuse against any girl is due to the doubt..the girl who is getting abuse stepup if he interfere..thats the main prob girls take the sides of abuser by not taking any stand thinking wat ppl ll think...wat society ll think and anybody try interfere become a joke.

  • Arkadyuti B.
    24/10/2018 06:14

    hate for bystanders or not?

  • Vanesha K.
    18/10/2018 13:14

    The ugly truth of our society,yea sometime it takes time to step in,bt do all the efforts that you can pull someone from that trauma.But one thing that is disturbing is,why people are so shirker??they can do only support the majority,they never look at what is Bad or Good? some saying is just a publicity?like the things WE called "HARASSMENT" never happened before 🙄🙁

  • Brut India
    17/10/2018 14:51

    Not sure when to step in? This video explains sexual consent brilliantly

  • Crystal D.
    17/10/2018 09:15

    Ashish Dwivedi

  • Bernardine S.
    17/10/2018 06:50

    Shameful !!!

  • Jaszrel .
    16/10/2018 06:46

    Damn majority indian man are pervert based on this page post

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