The Essential Timeline of Jammu And Kashmir

From a kingdom under siege to a Union Territory under complete lockdown: the journey of Jammu and Kashmir from 1947 to 2019.

09/08/2019 4:57 AM
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  • Heru S.
    06/08/2020 10:56


  • Montoo D.
    05/08/2020 11:31

    Bjp dicission is absolutely wrong

  • Umar W.
    04/08/2020 18:42

    We want freedom from indian occupation. Kashmir is not a part of india

  • Engr Z.
    30/07/2020 12:10

    What a pity? Where is UN resolution which was signed by India....? Need to give right of vote either for India or for Pakistan or for Independence to the people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmire

  • Adam e.
    27/07/2020 04:05

    Legacy of Indian

  • Prashant S.
    23/07/2020 18:28

    Kashmir issue is a prime example that Muslims when in majority don't accept other religion, faith People and want a seperate country... historically Pakistan, Bangladesh were part of India ..British India border was upto Afghanistan...but Jinnah asked for seperate country based on religion..and that is how seeds of endless religious hate sowed...

  • Nicolás P.
    18/07/2020 21:47

    India and JK // Israel and Palestine ?

  • Hassan N.
    14/07/2020 19:58

    Video failed to tell that 1957 elections were rigged which kick started freedom fight...

  • Ahilya C.
    13/07/2020 17:23

    Brut you forgot to mention the brutal genocide of Kashmiri hindus in 1990 by extremists in name of religion and an open warning in loudspeakers to convert or die leave your wives and daughters behind Kashmiri hindus becomes refugee in their own land it's a time they will go back to their land and justice will be restored.

  • Shayan A.
    10/07/2020 11:16

    Kashmir Ajaad hoga , In Sha Allah ❤

  • Mohsin N.
    09/07/2020 04:08

    We have a right to self determination but coward india thodi pelbicite karny dega 😆 usay pata hi hai kashmir toh gyoo phir

  • Alamgir K.
    06/07/2020 03:37

    Jammu and Kashmir valley is next an independent country of world and Srinagar is capital of it's Jammu and Kashmir valley country.

  • Muzzamil K.
    05/07/2020 13:57

    When UN recommended to have a referendum and consensus why didn't India held that? What the result when first election were held there? Everyone know people of theirs chose Pakistan then why India occupied Kashmir forcefully?

  • Afaq A.
    01/07/2020 14:53

    Lies, you didn't mentioned alot of things which we and the rest of the world already knows... you don't have the guts to say it all

  • Mir U.
    25/06/2020 09:25

    Donf forget we never accept illegal occupation we fight till last drop if blood for solve dispute ...shame india terrorist army who killed us 1.5 lack inosents mas rape ...

  • Proxìma C.
    25/06/2020 05:45

    And India killed half a Million people, deployed 1 million army and claiming Kashmir integral part of india,

  • Musafir
    25/06/2020 04:00

    And the story is continue..and will never until freedom from india.

  • Labbaik U.
    24/06/2020 19:15

    Big Lie that Pakistan tribesman intrvin, Big lie

  • Tariqul I.
    24/06/2020 03:15

    killed lakhs of Muslims In kashmir and rape is a day-to- day phenomena there by Indian troops.

  • Rahemin C.
    21/06/2020 15:15

    Lord save the world

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