The Father Who Died Waiting For His Daughter

Mahavir Narwal never gave up hope while waiting for his daughter, activist Natasha Narwal, to be released from prison. But yesterday, the 70-year-old died of Covid-19 without getting to see her again...

10/05/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Deepika P.
    7 days

    india where a proved rapist like ram raheem can get bail but not a peacful protestor

  • Sarojini K.
    04/06/2021 02:09

    I am very proud of you sir, you instilled the courage to your daughter. May your soul rest in peace. She will reach her height surely🙏

  • Kavita J.
    29/05/2021 16:14

    Rest in peace! Sad very sad to know

  • Priti B.
    27/05/2021 08:29

    U have reared a tigress and she shall stay so .......a soldier in disguise ❤️

  • Anjuman A.
    24/05/2021 00:23

    Good people are always taken for test but they will come out victorious in the end

  • Asen T.
    21/05/2021 18:14


  • Syeada Q.
    21/05/2021 17:03

    More power and respect to you and your parenting Rest in peace Sir..

  • Ishita R.
    18/05/2021 16:58

    A brave daughter of a lionhearted father... Rest in peace Sir!

  • रबिना च.
    17/05/2021 03:58

    More power to you Natasha ❤ Stay strong❤ May your father soul rest in peace🙏

  • Sanchary N.
    14/05/2021 19:28

    Ye hoti hai sachchhi pita.. Beti to pata nehi par papa ho to aisi.. Love you baba..

  • Sarika K.
    14/05/2021 19:25


  • Asmita S.
    14/05/2021 09:37

    Sir I cannot express my emotions . Hat off to you and your daughter..🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Sultan M.
    14/05/2021 01:13

    A great daughter is a product of a great upbringing by a great man. How heartless is the BJP government to use draconian laws only suitable for terrorists to be used on young and educated Indians!

  • Ishaat M.
    13/05/2021 21:10

    An amaizing father every daughter would dream to have.

  • Maria D.
    13/05/2021 20:53


  • Syedahmed A.
    13/05/2021 18:55

    Sab saalay keede padh kar marenge

  • Sakshi T.
    13/05/2021 18:13

    Wonderful father....Rest in peace 🙏🙏

  • Deborah B.
    13/05/2021 17:12

    One can feel the pain he is going through and how much he must of longed to see his daughter before he died we have to get used to living in a sad India

  • Markus J.
    13/05/2021 16:46

    You are a great person. Be blessed.

  • Kp S.
    13/05/2021 15:40

    सत्ता के घमंड में चूर सरकार इतना पाप कर रही है भगवान कभी माफ नहीं करेगा , समय सबसे बलवान है , वो बदलता जरूर है , सरकार को अपने कर्मों का फल भुगतना पड़ेगा ☝️☝️☝️