The Future of the Congress Lies in Her Hands

Meet the woman who grew up surrounded by politics, but never wanted to be at the front line. Until now. ✋

01/30/2019 1:35 AM
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  • Anshu A.
    01/30/2019 01:44

    hahah....highly corrupted lady :)

  • Paras L.
    01/30/2019 01:44

    Good for nothing

  • Qamaran N.
    01/30/2019 01:44

    Fortnight or front line??

  • Muhammed K.
    01/30/2019 01:44

    Future of India

  • Agarwal S.
    01/30/2019 01:49

    Jey baat admin!! Ab to khul k saamne aa gya ekdum.... Dikha diya ki tu koi pakka chamcha hai... Gud han. Election season hai, maalkin ne kaha hoga, ki saari sharm chhod kar, lok laaj tyag kar, khul kar propaganda karo, publicity karo.

  • Ankith A.
    01/30/2019 01:53

    Shata sasthe nashe hey Kya tera..

  • Surendra K.
    01/30/2019 01:53

    Corruption lady of india

  • Jayesh S.
    01/30/2019 01:54

    Nothing good lady.. Go to Italy with U R family.. All corrupt family

  • Mudassir K.
    01/30/2019 01:54

    Future prime minister of India

  • Ritu S.
    01/30/2019 01:57

    They are trying every trick to defeat Modi.

  • Sandeep R.
    01/30/2019 01:57

    Family business, can’t avoid the front line

  • Shivpal S.
    01/30/2019 01:58

    पहले प्रोपर्टी बनाओ, फिर फासो और राजनीति में आ जाओ, और कहो राजनीतिक कारणों से सीबीआई, ED, इनकम टैक्स डिपार्टमेंट ओर दूसरी ऐजेंसी हमारे पीछे पड़े हैं।

  • Srinidhi R.
    01/30/2019 02:04

    Politics is not family business Only capable has to lead Not by heredity

  • Abhishek G.
    01/30/2019 02:05

    Only election time she come and go no use for india

  • Akshay C.
    01/30/2019 02:14

    Abhi tak tou baap dada ki jaagir chal rahi thi jab gand m dandey padne shuru hue tou hosh agaya Sab ke sab mada***** satta ki bhikari satta paney k liye country bech dhalenge ye log

  • Pradyut D.
    01/30/2019 02:19

    Brut, sorry to ask u something. What is the amount u have been paid for such play. Let's have a debate... hope u will come to know. Don't play with emotion of other...

  • Karuna G.
    01/30/2019 02:20

    Sister of pappu...🤣🤣🤣Pappi

  • Er R.
    01/30/2019 02:22

    Kya publicity hai!

  • Suresh S.
    01/30/2019 02:26

    This is such a ridiculous & irrelevant. She grew up surrounded by the corrupt politician & married a scamster. Her mental health & habits are unbecoming of a true politician.

  • Rachit C.
    01/30/2019 02:28

    Meet the lady, whose all family members are in politics and highly corrupt. Whose husband is being probed for money laundering, whose mother and brother are on bail due to money laundering cases. Meet this woman who has only one quality, she looks alike her grand mother who was firmer indian prime minister and implemented emergency to keep controls in her hands.