The Government Doesn’t Believe In The Constitution: Swara

"We should see Kunal Kamra’s act as an act of resistance." The time for politeness is over, Swara Bhasker thundered at this Mumbai gathering. 👀

02/06/2020 11:41 AMupdated: 02/06/2020 11:41 AM
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  • Utkarsh R.
    16 hours

    सुअरा भास्कर got no chill 😂🤪😂

  • Sushant S.
    17 hours

    Her career is almost about to getting over. Now she want to be a politician. Thts y giving these types of speeches again and again To be in a public !!! Did she know any thing about our constitution ??

  • पंकज प.
    18 hours

    Sab naxali hai sale....ignore them.....kitani Bhi chati peet le Kuch nahi hone wala....just enjoy these rubbish.

  • Gopal B.
    18 hours

    Dear swar u r fools

  • Vikas R.
    18 hours

    Ye fingering krke borrr ho gyi Kya ?????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ab dusro me KR rhi h

  • Praveen C.
    18 hours

    Educated fools who themselves call intellectuals. But these so called intellectuals are always says and chanting about constitutional rights, fundamental rights, often forget to know the fact that Fundamental rights abides with fundamental duties As a Citizen of India we should always follow the fundamental rights coupled with fundamental duties.

  • Mandar B.
    19 hours

    nice try Brut .. but looking at the comments you should have an idea by now that we are aware of your intentions .. and for the record .. she is a bitch

  • Chinmay M.
    20 hours

    Such a bitch she is!! Like a white ant to Indian society

  • Nikhil S.
    20 hours

    Aacha h Tm logo m darr bna rahna chahiye aacha lgta h😂

  • Sunny S.
    20 hours

    These pigs and bitches are overrated, we don't need them. Now they can only talk, they can not walk. Inke baap Paksitan aur Hafiz ki aisi taisi ho gayi ha.

  • Ravindra P.
    21 hours

    Teri choot ko jitna maro kum hai laura bhaskar

  • Ravindra P.
    21 hours

    Randi daru drink karke bolti hai

  • मुस्कान आ.
    21 hours

    A big idiot opens her mouth.

  • Rahul A.
    21 hours

    Radi kudk mat radi ki tara rahna sikh

  • AnunAy A.
    a day

    😝 d✌🏼✌🏼

  • Anirudha D.
    a day

    madam ka kam dhanda bandh ho gaya kya?

  • Sonu P.
    a day

    If she sometimes speak up the topic of kashmiri pandits exodus, rape, killing. Unarmed muslims😀 Muslims have some following goal like Killing people as being suicide bomber and converting religion.

  • Pawan D.
    a day

    R****di ki Bacchi kaun kiske ghar mein ghus ke mar raha hai ye poora desh dekh raha ha..stop barking

  • Sudeep R.
    a day


  • Suresh B.
    a day

    Swara Bhaskar in empty hands ,no movies in bollywood .... So she is impressing Pakistan to give chance in Pakistan movies . So that she can settle in Karachi and marry Pakistan guy. We request our Govt to make arrangements for her to get her permanent visa to Pakistan.