The Great Indian Train Robbers

People may complain about Indian Railways but that hasn't stopped them from stealing thousands of towels, pillows and bedsheets from trains.

11/10/2018 1:28 PM
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  • Mehul G.
    16/12/2018 05:06

    Rajat Mishra towel chorrrr

  • Shad R.
    15/12/2018 22:32

    aur yeh log ko bullet train Milne jaarha h 🤣🤣

  • Manoj R.
    15/12/2018 11:08

    Passengers have their own heavy luggages. Why will they rob railway bedsheets or blankets?

  • Bablu S.
    15/12/2018 09:13

    Ulta chor kotwal ko dantey...

  • Aravind A.
    15/12/2018 08:46


  • Ankur S.
    15/12/2018 08:23


  • Vadivelu P.
    15/12/2018 07:26

    Indians u hve made yourself popular throughout the whole world....for stealing ...not developing .....shame on your parents

  • Vishnu K.
    15/12/2018 06:25

    I did I'm ready

  • Vipparti R.
    15/12/2018 02:40

    Why ticket less traviling is more in certain Zones? Is that bad culture should remain unchecked? Why political support to that cheating culture. When this is the type of governence and political leadership, tomorrow those people may steal a rail engine, if there is a chance to re sell it.

  • Bobby
    15/12/2018 02:40

    lautaya jake?

  • Biswajit N.
    15/12/2018 02:37

    Before leaving the train attended collect all item and checked. So it is not possible for passenger to take anything with them.

  • Mohammed S.
    15/12/2018 02:28

    One wrong Indian ....get blame entire Indians

  • Jeba N.
    15/12/2018 02:11


  • Vikas C.
    15/12/2018 00:09

    Try to audit Railways Contractor

  • Arpit P.
    14/12/2018 22:55

    i didn't know that number is this high LOL

  • Vijayakrishna R.
    14/12/2018 22:47

    People stealing govt property make some sense BC .. Ac coach me travel karke choorii... Disgusting bitches 😐

  • Ashutosh S.
    14/12/2018 21:42

    While booking ticket charge some extra amount as security for this and after submitting these stuffs back refund thr money to them again. So there will be some proof that thr own employees are involved in this scam

  • Bikram K.
    14/12/2018 21:04

    What's worse is that you find so many people reacting with haha. It seems India is a joke to you. If such is the case, then kindly leave the country. We don't need you at all. The least you can do by staying in this country is at least respecting her.

  • Muzammil S.
    14/12/2018 20:20

    Well, western railways and among most of the things were given to us by British. I wonder what's taking government bodies restructure what had been given.

  • Harsh S.
    14/12/2018 19:42

    Lol humko milta hai kaha hai bhai use karne ke liye attendant aur tte hi marke le jate hai sare pillows

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