The Hijab Controversy Of Karnataka

When hijab-clad girls at a Karnataka college tried to convince their principal to let them in, this is what happened…

04/02/2022 5:06 PMupdated: 04/02/2022 5:07 PM
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  • Mohammed Saleem Saleem
    06/02/2022 07:19

    What is this Hijab ; What we can call those ,who oppose wearing Hijab by a minority community.This hijab is a piece of cloth almost in black in colour.It is tied around head followed by females .Those who care of head and skin,specially it is must for those believe in monotheism.Practice hijab saves from skin cancer and hair dryness. It is adviced 1500 years ago.We the humans life is under the sun.And sun emit several gases like Hydrogen,Oxygen,Helium. Of these Ultra violate and Red infra gases are more dangerus reason for skin Cancer.Therefore muslim females are adviced wear turban for males and Hijab for females.This is more scientific. Other than muslims are not aware of this scientific advice.Anyone can follow.But do not make an issue for political reason.

  • Mohammed Saleem Saleem
    05/02/2022 04:18

    No one has expected an administation will rudely treat with minorites. One must have to cover face with mask as protocol. Hijab is a piece of cloth to cover the head.What is wrong in it. The ladies in Rajasthan too practice Ghunghat is anything wrong . Tradition is personal .Why oppose because ............... so redicules.

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