• Sanjay K.
    22/12/2021 15:51

    Hara baloon ka matlab mai bhi samjhata hu ya to mujhe ennovation aur lyrics ke dam de ya harnaaz sandhu se shadi karwa

  • Ashok J.
    20/12/2021 14:14

    nonsense equation

  • Udai A.
    19/12/2021 20:15

    Was learning quite a bit from the video until I saw the Finance minister…

  • Bhaskar D.
    19/12/2021 14:32

    Indian performance at beauty contest worldwide is praiseworthy, we feel proud of it.

  • Namita A.
    18/12/2021 19:36

    Proud of achievements and endeavours of each and every women ..!!!! Proud moment 👏🏻

  • Manju L.
    18/12/2021 15:42

    Nothing changed

  • Aftab H.
    18/12/2021 08:58

    I think the beauty and education are two separate topic's.

  • Iris A.
    18/12/2021 07:59

    Watch Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu CROWNING MOMENT 👑 👇 https://youtu.be/hXps7ipVY28

  • Jennifer C.
    18/12/2021 01:57

    India first Miss Universe 1994 that Created of host country Philippines

  • Pelumi A.
    17/12/2021 17:33

    i know i’m not suppose to comment this on your post but i’m sharing this because i have been blessed by god through mrs william Stephen guidance and technique towards crypto currency, she had helped me achieve my dreams at first i thought it was all lies not until she proved me wrong god bless you ma'ma’ william Stephen inbox her and ask her how to invest ...good luck on the name below

  • Kehinde L.
    17/12/2021 17:30

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  • Nadia S.
    17/12/2021 13:30

    Indian women have it better than their contemporaries in geographical proximity to India. Yet the situation for women in India is largely dismal. Here I am, starving in my room, because my m***** is cruel and inconsiderate.

  • Sara S.
    17/12/2021 12:04

    does Zionism wanna provoke Indian women against their men 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know what media wanna proof

  • Anupreet K.
    17/12/2021 11:31

    Regressed rather. Harnaaz is being slut shamed online. Sushmita's win was welcomed. She was not slut shamed nor judged or slurred by communal retards

  • Hervé F.
    17/12/2021 10:51

    I hope the situation of women in India (and worldwide) will change and improve. I hope women and men will be equal worldwide. I hope the mentalities will change and not consider a woman only as a housewife.

  • Karunakaran R.
    17/12/2021 10:09

    What a fall for India? We have enough women CEOs,Atheletes,pilots and other worthy women professionals in India.Not this flaunting of inherited stuff.

  • Brut India
    17/12/2021 09:56

    Are there actually more women than men in India? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-59428011

  • Navdeep S.
    17/12/2021 07:46

    beautiful actress.. ARYA!! excellent! she can do wonders

  • Himanshu S.
    17/12/2021 07:14

    Very ironic.

  • Piyush T.
    17/12/2021 07:00

    Brute expected the crown for Turkey & thus cannot digest!! 🤣

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