The Knives Are Out In The Congress Again

After Kapil Sibal, it was Ghulam Nabi Azad’s turn to call out the Congress party leadership. When asked why the grand old party was losing elections, this is what the veteran leader had to say...

23/11/2020 5:25 PMupdated: 23/11/2020 5:26 PM
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  • Armst H.
    23/02/2021 04:54

    so true

  • Soumyaranjan S.
    24/12/2020 05:27

    Chal be gandu

  • Akkiraju R.
    29/11/2020 16:13

    Well said

  • Akkiraju R.
    29/11/2020 16:13

    We said

  • Goverdhan K.
    27/11/2020 03:42

    Nothing gonna change in congress.Thease are well set publicity stunt by Raga for sympathy.

  • Kamal K.
    26/11/2020 22:13

    Do whatever is required to restore the Congress Party first at the National level as it was during Pt Jawaharlal Nehru's regime, a really democratic one with the strong ideologically base following Mixed economy model structural reform. Though many senior dedicated leaders in the Party are no more, even then , leaders like Ms Anand Sharma, Gulam Nabi Azad, Kapil Sibal ,as it appears, are sounding initiation towards Reform in the Congress Party taking account of the Party's pathetic performance in the recent elections. Incidentally, Rahul and Priyanka's sincerity would not fetch the expected structural stability to combating the forces initiated to replace the economic structure strengthened lastly by Mrs Indira Gandhi. Partinently, economic policy framework maintained by the Congress Party has been reformed by Congress Party's former PM Narasingha Rao by the then FM Dr Manmohan Singh at the behest of WTO. Following the same path, the present government ,it seems, drastically reforming their agenda leaving aside the Mixed Economy concept and that's why as it is understood ,dependence on the Corporates of this government is discernable towards developing India's economy since as it appears financial expertise of the Corporate sectors are being utilized by this govt. In any case,this view purely being a personal one, is not possibly relevant towards reforming the Congress Party since there are highly knowledgeable personalities in the Party who would be able to take care of the issue in question. Jai Hind.

  • Minilkumar A.
    26/11/2020 18:54

    No ! Poor choice of word! Just replace knife with spade. Watch it! Each one is digging grave. Few are busy cultivating still.👍

  • Gilbert D.
    26/11/2020 13:56

    The leadership is clueless !

  • Dhakshayani D.
    26/11/2020 12:44

    Programe = for vote bann bringing in more muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan + convertion of hindus to minority religions + kill more hindus + get China's help in intrusion

  • பழனி ம.
    26/11/2020 04:30

    The RSS-BJP's growth was not arrested when there was still time. No amount of re-inventing can help Congress unless the people say they are done with RSS-BJP and decide to throw it. Institutionally and structurally, the damage to Indian democracy is done. Only the hand of God can save us now.

  • Shanmugam D.
    26/11/2020 02:47 launch the party in Porkistan 😆 As... Porkistan Muslim people's party ( PMPP)Surely can win speaking against India😉😀😆

  • Ravi N.
    25/11/2020 22:43

    How very Nice of all these ungrateful leaders coming out now and complaining they want changes,this is after years of looting robbing the people of India and now you complaining.congress is a crooked party and all the people connected to it should be jail because your time is up.

  • Gaurav S.
    25/11/2020 13:38

    Wht ever said nd done Mr Azad 2024 bhi Aayega toh Modi hi.........He nd his party has delivered wht they hv promised which congress cudnt do in 70 long yrs........ Any ways my peace of adivice to u is ot is tym for u to hang ur boots nd tk a bk seat jst flow with the water ussi mai tum jaise doglo ki bhalai hai rest all is up to u ager jayada hi khujli ho rahi ho toh fir tyaar rahna......

  • Syëd Ï.
    25/11/2020 12:08

    True Words from someone who thinks about Indian Congress and INDIA 🇮🇳

  • Manish S.
    25/11/2020 11:19

    🚩 Hari ॐ 🚩

  • Shyamal P.
    25/11/2020 11:03

    Its loss making company one is ready to work

  • Vantaram S.
    25/11/2020 07:41

    Not possible even to creator as long as ripple like Azad Sibal Diggi cling to it!

  • Mohammed N.
    25/11/2020 05:27

    I'll undoubtedly say that Rahul Gandhi is an inept... And Congress itself fails to maintain its democracy in their own party ...Gandhi family should be expelled then only some better reforms will be there in the party..

  • Vijay R.
    25/11/2020 04:51

    Request mother and son to take back seat or else we have no choice but to allow the nation to be ruined by BJP

  • Madhavi P.
    25/11/2020 03:45

    Great views by Gulamji n Kapil Sibbal.

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