• Ravi B.
    29/05/2019 08:31

    It's the blind murder of democracy in Bharat.

  • Ashok A.
    27/05/2019 04:18

    The most powerful US lobbies take years to reach spends in the range of 500 million dollars. In India, anonymous entities bought electoral bonds on this scale in just two months. Between the years 2005 and 2018, the world’s five largest tech firms – Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft – grew to dominate global business and media, and firmed their grip on global markets and on lawmakers. According to Forbes, the ‘Big Five’ collectively “spent half a billion dollars lobbying [the US] Congress” over those 13 years. In India, anonymous political donors spent a similar amount – Rs 3,622 crore, or $514 million – in just two months, March and April 2019.

  • Mallesh G.
    26/05/2019 17:19

    Don't forget india ranks first in rape case also

  • Vijay V.
    26/05/2019 11:58

    Sahi hai,agli baar bina election ke hi modi ko pm maan lete hai

  • Sahab S.
    23/05/2019 17:54

    Are aap to bakrichod page ho na...

  • Ashish K.
    22/05/2019 16:58


  • Sanjoy S.
    21/05/2019 19:05

    Modi Again PM

  • Partha B.
    20/05/2019 14:45

    And that's official. Unofficial wastage is unthinkable

  • Ramdas M.
    20/05/2019 06:00

    Largest Democracy in the World 90 Crores Voters Our ECI has conducted 2019 Elections Quite Nicely and efficiently Yes the gaps between phases should be of SHORT Period Next Election 2024 should not be more than 2phases 2024 One Election One Nation One Time National and State Assembly Ie Lokhasabha Elections Vidhan Sabha Elections should be conducted Simultaneously

  • Krishna P.
    19/05/2019 16:23

    Bjp+NDA 370

  • Pavan R.
    19/05/2019 13:29

    NDA 373

  • Praveen P.
    19/05/2019 07:55


  • Manu K.
    18/05/2019 10:46

    Bjp win 280above

  • Mithan D.
    16/05/2019 15:59


  • Kannu Y.
    16/05/2019 14:38

    Modiji will win become next pm 350+AAYEGA TO MODI HI 👍

  • Mahesh G.
    04/05/2019 04:09

    Only Bjp

  • Pappu D.
    03/05/2019 17:20

    We should all vote but not in name of namo or emotions. Should vote for ruthless & strong system in which our country & it people can thrive on.

  • Ramesh M.
    03/05/2019 15:07

    Congress RG Pm

  • Sominath N.
    03/05/2019 13:00

    Pmशरद पवार

  • Dibyendu B.
    03/05/2019 12:30

    Bjp har chuka

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