The Life of Gandhi's Killer

On this day 72 years ago, he fired three bullets that changed the course of history. But did you know Gandhi's assassin was addicted to coffee, used to dress as a girl and even gave speeches at Congress meetings?

01/30/2020 4:37 AMupdated: 02/03/2020 10:16 AM
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  • रंजित झ.
    a day

    गोडसे जिंदाबाद

  • Shivam S.
    a day

    Sahi kiya tha nathu ram gotse ji ne

  • Harshad S.
    a day

    What Nathuram Godseji did.. I stand by that

  • Vivek D.
    a day

    Great step taken by Godse

  • M U.
    a day

    Its funny how India is divided on wether Gandhi's role was positive or negative. As a Pakistani we all know he was a peace loving man and he never wanted a drop of innocent blood ever to be shed. But RSS supporters even ridicule the man because of whom you all are living freely. We Pakistanis might not be the best of nation but there is one thing for sure we love Quaid E Azam and you wont hear anyone say a single word against him. Atleast we are loyal to our heroes no religious extremist can make us hate our national heroes.

  • Sreekumaran
    2 days

    How long you play the same music. Change the music. Time is changing. Old is no more gold. Play different fiddle. J F Kennedy was murdered. Mujibur Rahman was murdered. Martin Luther King was murdered. Abraham Lincoln was murdered. Let us move forward. Don't get stuck on this issue again and again. This won't get you votes any more. For a change put Indira Gandi got murdered. Rajive Gandi got murdered. By mud slinging you won't get more votes any more. People are getting educated. We are in 2020. Not in 1948.

  • Pintu G.
    2 days

    Nathuram jindabaad

  • Shubho M.
    2 days

    Jab Jab Gandhi janam lega tab tab ek Nathuram Godse zaroor ayega humara kalyan karne.. shradhanjali Godse the real Bapu

  • Akshat G.
    2 days

    He was the real hero....

  • Shyamal G.
    2 days

    Well you are sharing all Incorrect information now a days, one sided secular people

  • Sachin R.
    2 days

    Thanks Nathuram Godase...

  • Arsh S.
    2 days

    I am not like he is bad

  • Rishikesh K.
    2 days

    How smoothly you people served only one side of coin, I am pretty sure you people do not have courage to show the other side. The side of Mr. Gandhi and his love for Pakistan

  • Gulab A.
    2 days

    Are ye tu wahi harami hai jis ne gandhi jee ko mara tha Is kutte ko narak me jagah nhi mele ga

  • Christina M.
    2 days

    Whatever had happened we can't go back to undone ..... So move on for the better humanity.....👍🤗

  • Siraj D.
    2 days

    नाथूराम गोडसे देश का सबसे बड़ा गद्दार

  • Neil H.
    2 days

    Interesting... I am Amazed to know this..

  • Dilip G.
    2 days

    Godse has done a right job, but he would have done before independence, India would have become Japan

  • Om P.
    2 days

    Just because of the partition many Hindu we're against the Mahatma Gandhi and nehruji. As Gandhi played a great role in partition of our nation. And godse were one of the them. I know his act can not be justified but we also need to think upon why he did such a act to kill gandhiji.

  • Suraj M.
    2 days

    The rss ideologies will gain you the best place in hell