The Luxury Wheels Of India's Politicians

What drives India's politicians? Here are five of their Hot Wheels. 🔥

11/02/2019 6:57 AMupdated: 11/05/2019 12:15 PM
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  • Ali H.
    11/23/2019 20:13

  • Shankar N.
    11/23/2019 08:41

    Enjoying public money

  • Prasant K.
    11/23/2019 06:44

    Mc kejri kutta nautanki baaz

  • Akshay G.
    11/23/2019 06:36

    A Prime Ministers vehicle is never his/her own choice it's decided by Security Council's who overlook on PM Security..Dear BRUT, Half Truth is whole lie.

  • Sham S.
    11/22/2019 20:47

    It can't be changed by this post

  • Jay K.
    11/22/2019 16:03

    Brut. India...we know who r u? spread whatever you does not effect our Indian PM...

  • Komba E.
    11/22/2019 12:19

    Different between Educated leader and uneducated leader

  • Syed Y.
    11/22/2019 10:25

    All this in a 3rd World Country. Great going.

  • Vishal S.
    11/21/2019 10:01

    We can smell ur agenda about kejriwal brut

  • Mahendra G.
    11/21/2019 09:10

    Manuvadi vichar sharani hai y

  • Pradnyesh S.
    11/21/2019 05:51

    Our MLA drivers Toyota Land Cruiser worth rupees 1.5 crore ONLY..😂😂 Successful Entrepreneur in Politics..hats off..

  • HumZa M.
    11/20/2019 08:04

    Matlb kejriwal ki inova ka kya match h 😂

  • Rajneesh P.
    11/19/2019 18:35

    Sushma swaraj a leader good for nothing

  • Subhan Q.
    11/19/2019 18:16

    Janta ka pesa

  • Styâ P.
    11/19/2019 15:48

    dekhlo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Krishnarao G.
    11/19/2019 09:09

    Wah! And why don't you tell the world that modi uses a Mahindra Scorpio for his personal use.the vehicle what you mentioned is for official use and do you want that they should roam in a maruti 800 and your friend terrorists should shoot them anywhere? And why no mention of Congress party people? Is it because you are sponsored by them. Are you the right medium to decide on threat perceptions of these office bearing politicians?don't try to create negativity. Do honest journalism

  • Rohit M.
    11/19/2019 05:22

    Delhi CM best

  • Vishal M.
    11/18/2019 11:50

    I don't know why this so called media platform called Brut India has negative news for my nation to show. 🤨🤨 There are many politicians in my country who lived their whole lives only to serve their country. For instance, the ex chief minister of Tripura Mr Manik Rao has no bank balance or our Ex President Dr. Abdul Kalam had only a small collection of books as property at the time of his demise. Just think about it🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Swarankit J.
    11/18/2019 10:51

    Manmohan singh, rikshaw mai aatey they. Smt gandhi and baba rahul, spg kiii security lekar ghumtey they.

  • Kaizad T.
    11/18/2019 05:57

    Jaguar sports car? Seriously? I stopped watching this the moment i saw XE classified as a sports car. Hahahaha fucking noobs