The MAN In Sam Manekshaw

“I don't want to know what happened in the past. All I want to know is who are my commanders, where are the Chinese, how much ammunition have I got...” The life and career of Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw was as illustrious as his name. Back in 2002, interviewed by his own grandson for a documentary, this is how he recounted his days of glory. Thanks to Parzor Foundation for the footage.

03/07/2020 3:39 PM
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  • ٹام ب.
    12 hours


  • James H.
    a day

    He is legend i respect with my bottom of my heart

  • Salman K.
    2 days

    worth listening jaanu.

  • Qazi U.
    3 days

    I am a pakistani but i can sag that he's a gentleman!

  • Ashik R.
    4 days

    What a personality! He had lead a life which could be a dream of anyone! 💗

  • Rishabh S.
    5 days

    The best army chief

  • Iqbal R.
    6 days

    I would like this general in uniform rather than a politician in khadi

  • DrMuhammad A.
    25/07/2021 19:18

    So cleverly and clearly he split pakistan

  • DrMuhammad A.
    25/07/2021 19:18

    Brave and devoted person

  • Sardar A.
    25/07/2021 15:39

    He is just telling lies. The reality is different

  • Shujaat H.
    25/07/2021 14:35

    I Never listen any indian officer or any politicien in my whole life but not only listen to him i watch the whole video with full attention. To me what ever he said is true.

  • Mohammad R.
    25/07/2021 11:51

    I remember F M Sam Manekshaw's first interview soon after Dhaka Fall in which he said, " Hats off for Pak Army , they fought very well against heavy odds till end, whereas l had tremendous force n resources at hand, therefore Pak Army had no choice but to surender". A True Soldier

  • Sur S.
    25/07/2021 07:34

    Its a shame that this man is not given the due respect by Bangladeshis....when they literally owe their lives to him. He shoud have been given national recognition from Bangladesh. As an Indian, feel proud of such Lions of the Land.

  • Ayan P.
    23/07/2021 03:19

    Indian army was at its peak under Sir Sam Manekshaw! What a great personality!

  • Malik J.
    22/07/2021 07:37

    Tea was fantastic 🤣🤣 Pakistan zinda bad 🇵🇰♥️🇧🇩🇵🇰♥️🇹🇷🇧🇩🇵🇰🇹🇷♥️♥️

  • Syed H.
    22/07/2021 03:38

    Bhutto was a clever person and a patriot. But, his own people now consider him to be a traitor.

  • Judge S.
    21/07/2021 16:13

    Legend... Respect

  • Rupesh K.
    21/07/2021 13:17

    A pure and proffesional army man

  • Südhîr K.
    20/07/2021 17:36

    Pakistan will never forget sam mankeshaw 😂😂😂

  • Laguman G.
    16/07/2021 16:29

    Love you sir