• Raju D.
    31/01/2022 18:18

    Fantastic Excellent

  • John P.
    30/01/2022 17:40

    The fastest growing economy in the world.... But the reality is opposite

  • Abdl R.
    30/01/2022 15:21

    Boycotting the showcase of Tamil Naidu and others

  • Ridhi G.
    29/01/2022 05:06

    I am enjoying the background music as wel 😀

  • Danish R.
    29/01/2022 02:12

    How would these benefit citizens

  • Abhaas S.
    28/01/2022 17:37

    These show offs are not enough to justify for growing poverty and chaos.Putting good clothes doesnt make you rich!

  • Jesna S.
    28/01/2022 15:00

    It was an absolute visual treat...

  • Rajalingam D.
    28/01/2022 13:34

    The religious hindutva parade..

  • Sahaya D.
    28/01/2022 13:23

    BJP rejected tamil nadu and playing divide & rule

  • Danny L.
    28/01/2022 08:28

    Jai Hind...love from South Africa 🌷♥️🙏

  • Imran A.
    28/01/2022 07:28


  • Amandeep S.
    28/01/2022 00:28

    Not much of glory left in these shenanigans and this junk any more... not to mention rhe amount of fuel and money wasted for a single day of prove-nothing....

  • Muthukumar S.
    27/01/2022 23:17

    Great..but Aatmanirbhar Bharat can't fly it's own Tejas..

  • Naresh B.
    27/01/2022 22:08

    Do we need such a big army?

  • Brut India
    27/01/2022 21:44

    The framers of the constitution and MPs have highlighted the errors and mistakes in the founding document of the country. But how many will actually be corrected this year? https://indianexpress.com/article/express-sunday-eye/republic-day-73rd-year-of-constitution-how-many-concerns-will-we-rectify-7738868/

  • Sameer T.
    27/01/2022 17:40

    Military might and ancient culture was displayed proudly sending signals to enemy countries and Indian liberandus that this is New India. Modi hai toh Mumkin hai.

  • Haresh K.
    27/01/2022 17:38

    Haters must be having burnol moment for life especially bar girl turned politician 😂

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