The Many Meanings Behind The Bihar MLA Oath

Watch Bihar's MLAs recite their oath in Sanskrit 😮 Choosing your language was a political choice for many legislators here.

26/11/2020 2:57 PM
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  • Mohd H.
    01/12/2020 10:36

    Taking oaths In any language doesn't matters , fulfilling those oaths is what should count!

  • Meeran A.
    30/11/2020 09:45

    After this oath all welfare will be at back burner..we are fools because we potray these simple things as very big extraordinary even in biased way as if someone takes an oath in urdu he will be tagged antinational.thats why ministers have a sense of feeling grounded after getting berth people both hopeless

  • Ramsha N.
    30/11/2020 09:41

    "Husain was beaten and assaulted allegedly by BJP councilors after he took oath in Urdu."

  • Smita S.
    29/11/2020 17:48

    Congratulations and great to hear the oaths in both Sanskrit and Urdu. Hope you all bring change.

  • Sreeram T.
    29/11/2020 03:05

    Yes entering into very religious duty of looting public funds .

  • Kanishka D.
    27/11/2020 06:12

    Kya chutiyon ki jamaat bana di hai BJP ne BC. Sansad k naam pe kuchh bhi muh chodhi chalu rehti hai harr time 😂😂

  • Krishnamurthy K.
    27/11/2020 04:28

    Every Indian should feel proud of such people who champion the cause of the language which is the mother of most of the Northern Indian Languages. Congrats to BRUT India for highlighting the Indian Pride.

  • Shivam S.
    27/11/2020 03:47


  • Leksi M.
    27/11/2020 02:35

  • Mriganka D.
    27/11/2020 01:39

    Anything but real issue of development and poverty eradication

  • Bharath S.
    26/11/2020 19:26

    choosing language is not political choice but democratic right. You guys can think sanskrit as political choice but its the identity of this nation. So again we dont care what you westerners think.

  • Vaidik L.
    26/11/2020 18:46

    Sanatan dharma is coming back 🥰

  • Raghunandan S.
    26/11/2020 18:27

    Sanskrit Hindi undu me hi uljhe rahenge vikas kya karenge khakh.... kismat to pravasi majdoor jo h....

  • Geo A.
    26/11/2020 16:40

    Even they don't want to talk in hindi.

  • Brut India
    26/11/2020 16:30

    Not just Bihar, it looks like this idea went all the way to New Zealand:

  • Kalyan M.
    26/11/2020 15:50

    Bharat is changing

  • Anil S.
    26/11/2020 15:43

    Kaash itna hi ye apne desh ke liye samarpit hote.

  • Venkataraman S.
    26/11/2020 15:41


  • Akishe A.
    26/11/2020 15:32


  • Akishe A.
    26/11/2020 15:32

    Bahin ki choudo

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