The Modern Indian Ads That Sparked Controversy

Alia Bhatt's new bridal wear ad is the latest to get swept into controversy. But do these ads really hurt sentiments?

22/09/2021 2:57 PM
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  • Himanshi C.
    15 minutes

    Dikhaana hi kyu hai kisi bhi religion ko advertisement me...aur agar troll hote hai to sahi hota hai fir aese logo ke sath kuch bhi banaoge to jhelna bhi padega

  • Sula W.
    an hour

    Brut lol you are funny

  • Sukanya S.
    3 hours

    Do anything it will hurt fake advocates of hinduism, there are many more the real concerns as nation we have, all these topics are just diversion from the real problem and common people dnt understand this fact

  • Balli G.
    18 hours

    सच तो ये है कि रंडीवुड मीडिया हाउस साहित्यकार राजनेता वामपंथी, इस्लामिक विचारधारा को ।हिंदू बहुल देश पे थोपे जा रहे हैं जिस दिन हिंदुओ ने retaliate करना शुरू कर दिया फिर फट जायेगी इस मक्कारों की

  • Mukesh P.
    21 hours

    Fir bhi isko by cot karo fir kor dusra hi mat na kare ab jarurat hai dos to ek hone ki pura desh ab jag raja hai

  • Shyamanta G.
    21 hours

    Ho gaya...tum log ab boriya bistara samet lo ..aur patli gali se khisak lo...aqqal thikane nahi aai kya aab tak...itne chamate padne k baad bhi...

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    a day

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  • Arpan M.
    a day

    vay matha kharap hoe glo. Ar theke house of secrets onk valo chylo

  • Ashhad A.
    a day

    Kisi ke rituals ko cherna achi baat nhi its all about religion and peoples beliefs

  • Prabhjot S.
    a day

    Kar lo ladka daan bhi. Fir ladki ka ghar uska hoga. Uske gharwalo ki property me bhi uska haq hoga jaise ladki ka hota hai uske sasural me.. ladki bhai batwara krne de dega ??? Sirf ek chij badalne se bat nai bnegi na sath me aur baki chije bhi sath me badlegi. Ldka k lia to maja hai aram se free me property ghar milega career set 😅😅 Murkho ladkio ko daan hi isi lia kia jata hai ki unhe apni koi property na deni pade aur hmare ladko ko kam na pad jae. Ladki ko hum ladko walo ki tarf se dilwa dengee shadi kr k. Marriage is also a business . Agar aisa na hota to ladki ko bhi equal property dete chahe jaha marji uski shadi ho rai ho. Shadi krwa li islia jameen nai milegi ladki ko . Samaj nai rae baat ???? Han ye bakwas feminism wala card un k lia chlega acha jinke pas bhot paisa hai aur unke parents unhe bhi equally property denge. Middle class or gareeb k lia kanyadan hi ek economical method hai.

  • Sheetal P.
    a day

    Have we not heard ladkhi paraya dhan in serials and movies since decades? Then why this ?. Parents also say the same tu kisi ki Amanat hain. Tujhe apne ghar jana hain !! Tab hazam ho jaata hain

  • Rajdeep S.
    a day

    Those who have raised voice against FAB India the same logic should also raise similar voice to boycott "Biriyani"food also😄

  • Indira H.
    a day

    Why is only Hindu culture traditions are highlighted in the TV ads not Any other religion tradition is highlighted…. Is it because we Hindus don’t object if others criticise us … but on contrary if it happens to other religion, country ll be in fire …..

  • Cute G.
    a day


  • Siddharth R.
    a day

    Tui harami ka beti ho tum😁😂

  • Mun M.
    a day

    Brut india is promoting anti hindu sentiments very clearly in majority of its videos why don't I find any such video on other religions!!? Why its opposed when muslim women happily marries a hindu or Christian.. bigotry and biases will not take you far!! Highly likely brut is funded by anti hindu, anti india elements.. high time to reclaim ...jago bahart jao!!

  • Stan J.
    2 days

    I think Companys in tv commercials should only talk about the quality of thier products and stuff that is only concerned with the consumers of thier product why it is Necessary to talk about any one's believes in our country people Still don't get what is a disclaimer before movies and OTT and they think people Will understand their social messages lol

  • Brut India
    2 days

    Here's the tweet that had users enraged:

  • Chandan S.
    2 days


  • Albert B.
    2 days

    Wait till you understand what Nikah is and the nonexistent role of women in the ceremony

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