The Mother Who's Taking On A Chief Minister

Bhagyavathi's children were found dead in their house in 2017. Four years later, she is contesting against Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan in his stronghold. All for her daughters, she says...

30/03/2021 1:57 PM
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  • Joseph A.
    03/04/2021 08:55

    This mother can have justice only if the CM and his government are defeated in the upcoming elections. This mother's sad plight underscores the fact that the CM's image of being a caring and loving patron is a carefully cultivated PR stunt. Under the mask, lies the Scarface of an underworld Don.

  • Ila M.
    03/04/2021 00:54

    It's very distressing to see this unfortunate mother's anguish. She has suffered so much. I hope justice prevails and the culprits are punished.

  • Suresh K.
    02/04/2021 19:23

    I request vote her fighting justice of daughters

  • Indi V.
    02/04/2021 18:51

    Absolutely unacceptable!!!!! 🤬 This is what plagues India from advancing! Corrupt rascals!

  • Besty M.
    02/04/2021 13:42

    Who ever doubt and want to know what this govt did in kerala just search in google. last five years during very critic situations happend in the state like flood (two year), nippah, covid and how they support people is very fantastic . Apart from that they did tremendous development in schools and hospitals. Govt schools upgraded to international standard .They construct so many bridges, good roads, they rais pention money from 600 to 1600 per month to old people. Also give them 18 months pending pention money that left by last government. Most of the people very happy and satisfied with this govt.

  • Besty M.
    02/04/2021 13:27

    This case is under CBI Investigation by request of kerala govt. court let accused persons free beacause of lack of evidence and re investigation. Kerala govt filed apeal against this court order and achieved stay to avoid criminals by escaping . Govt giving maximum support to this case but opposit parties using poor mother as a tool to degrade govt

  • Pravi P.
    01/04/2021 17:49

    The CBI took over. But now her demand is that action be taken against the police before the investigation is over. She cut their hair because it was not approved by the government. This is the true story..... U can search anywhere On June 22, 2017, a chargesheet was filed in the court stating that the girl's death was a suicide. The 16-year-old was acquitted. The four accused were charged with poaching, inciting suicide and atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. However, at the end of the trial, on October 15, 2019, the trial court acquitted the third accused, Pradeep Kumar, for lack of evidence. The court then acquitted the other three on October 25. The reason for the acquittal was the lack of evidence and the failure of the prosecution. With this, Special Prosecutor Lata Jayaraj was removed from her post. Finally, in November 2019, the state government filed an appeal in the High Court against the acquittal of the accused. The girl's mother also approached the high court with an appeal. The High Court accepted both and quashed the acquittal order. The third accused in the case, Pradeep Kumar, had committed suicide months ago. With this, the High Court considered the cases of the remaining three accused. The case was then referred to the CBI. The CBI took over. But now her demand is that action be taken against the police before the investigation is over. She cut their hair because it was not approved by the government.

  • Niranjan T.
    01/04/2021 10:14

    Does a mother loosing her children demands more grief by adding dalit title. Brut, she is a mother and let that emotion be free of any cast

  • Binaca P.
    01/04/2021 10:08

    Jab tak desh me se IPC rules khatam nahi hinge tab tak kisi ko justice nahi milega. Ye actually mekelo ( angrej) ne banaaya hua Law he jo kisi bhi bhartiya ko nyaay dilane k liye nahi banaya gaya. change karo desh bdlo nyaay pranaali badlo.

  • Áyan R.
    01/04/2021 09:12

    Finally the KERALA MODEL is being exposed.

  • Khekishe Y.
    01/04/2021 03:50

    May God give you the strength.🙏

  • Vishnu M.
    31/03/2021 17:22

    True story

  • Sandy N.
    31/03/2021 17:04

    Keralites in general are obsessed only with dalits atrocities in UP - that concern does not come from any genuine concern for dalits but a desire to instigate the dalits in their hour of tragedy and forge a Muslim- Dalit vote bank against the BJP. Had such concerns for dalits been genuine, Kerala´s secular parties especially the ruling CPI(M) would have not tried to sabotage the investigation of the rape of minor dalit girls in the state.

  • Gulcheher P.
    31/03/2021 15:59

    Amazing inspirational human being.

  • Saleem A.
    31/03/2021 15:06

    Let's fight for all miserable peoples around you. And let them feel you are with them In all circumstances.

  • Lenin K.
    31/03/2021 10:44

    That case is now investigated by cbi....

  • Manzoor A.
    31/03/2021 09:33

    I'm stand with Walayar Mother

  • Jkge J.
    31/03/2021 07:20

    With you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sheeba
    31/03/2021 03:39

    All parents should foresee the crooked world around you, and should take maximum precautions to protect your children... After something happened, we can't expect justice under our law & power!!! And, what is the use of this delayed justice after loosing our children! It's a sad reality that many of the accused are not getting punished for their criminal deeds! That's what we were/are experiencing in our country!!! This incidents happened inside their own house! All parents should concentrate more on prevention of such crimes... Don't trust anyone blindly, when it's about our children's safety... That's the best we could do for our children... 😔

  • Rajesh S.
    31/03/2021 02:30

    Good morning ☀️❤️🙏

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